Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Share The Design Tips Of Laundry Cabinets

Today’s laundry cabinet, but many people do not know how to arrange the water supply and launching of the laundry cabinet. Today, the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer will come and talk to you.

First of all, the laundry cabinet is divided into a left basin and a right basin. It is similar to our sink. There are left and right small and small left and right, which is according to everyone’s habits. When you change the water and electricity, you must think about it in advance, what kind of choice is made, and then it is convenient to arrange the water.

Secondly, to understand the structure of the laundry cabinet, this is very helpful for changing the water and electricity. A reasonable step of the water circuit line can save too many troubles in the future use.

Then, for example, if the left basin is designed, then two down pipes are arranged at the bottom of the left basin. The distance from the left wall is equal to the length of the laundry cabinet to be bought, minus 600cm, divided by 2, then left and right. Can be divided into cents.

Then, the upper water pipe is generally 40cm away from the ground finish surface, and then it is recommended to leave a hot water, a cold water, and a washing machine into the water from the left to the right, a total of 3 ppr inner wire elbows, then Then, a 5 hole power supply is left on the right side to facilitate the power supply of the washing machine. After leaving a small kitchen treasure, you can also receive electricity.

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Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Share What Is The Laundry Area

The family laundry room focuses on functionality, practicality and durability. So pay special attention to these 3 points when designing the laundry area for your home. So how to arrange the home laundry area is reasonable, let’s explore it with the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer.

The laundry area carries a variety of functions such as cleaning, drying, drying, etc., so the design of this area should be a reasonable match, and no waste of space is utilized. So the appearance of the laundry cabinet just integrates the function of storage and cleaning. The washing machine and the dryer are reasonably placed in the laundry cabinet. So visually, all the laundry cabinet areas are a whole, clean and convenient to use. .

So what kind of laundry area is generally designed in the family? Many people will choose the balcony, because it is convenient to dry in time after washing the clothes, and some people will choose to put it in the bathroom. After all, the bathroom can promptly change the clothes that need to be changed. The cleaning, of course, where it is placed, or according to the family habits and needs of different families.

To sum up, the design of the laundry area is not fixed. It is tailored to each family’s situation. The Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer hopes that everyone can have a convenient laundry area.

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Advantages Of The Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet

Stainless steel is a common metal material in our lives. Heat resistant, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, and even ultra low temperature. It is chemically resistant to chemical and electrochemical corrosion.

At the same time, the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet is very sturdy and can be processed into various shapes, such as plates and tubes, suitable for press working. In terms of mechanical properties, stainless steel generally has high strength and hardness, and is suitable for manufacturing parts that are both corrosion resistant and require high strength and high wear resistance.

Of course, the shortcomings of stainless steel are also obvious. The main disadvantage of stainless steel balcony laundry cabinets is that they are expensive and expensive, and are difficult for consumers to afford. Moreover, stainless steel is not resistant to alkaline media corrosion. No long-term use or maintenance will cause serious problems. Damaged, so after purchasing a stainless steel laundry cabinet, you must perform basic maintenance work.information about Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet :

Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Share What Is Artificial Crystal

Today, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturers come to share the characteristics of different kitchen sinks:

1. Artificial crystallized stone is a kind of artificial composite material. Made of crystal stone or quartz stone mixed with resin. The sink made of this material has strong corrosion resistance, strong plasticity and various colors. Compared to the metallic texture of stainless steel, the artificial crystal stone sink is more gentle, and the various colors can be combined with various kitchen designs.

2. Granite mixing tank is 80% natural granite powder mixed with acrylic resin casting products are high-grade materials. Its appearance and texture are as hard and smooth as pure natural stone. The surface of the sink is more elegant, stylish, beautiful and wearable.

3. The stainless steel sink has matt, polishing, matte and other styles. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of easy scratching and water marks, but also has a high sound absorption capacity, which can minimize the noise generated when washing dishes. The stainless steel sink is versatile in size and shape, and its own luster makes the entire kitchen very modern.

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Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Share The Benefits Of Stainless Steel

Now why the stainless steel materials on the market are well received by everyone. Recognized by consumers and friends, the following Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturers are here to decrypt:

1. Stainless steel materials can meet environmental protection standards without testing.
2, with waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-bacterial characteristics, which is also suitable for the Chinese people’s kitchen in the humid high temperature steam environment.
3, has the unique features of fire, high temperature, acid and alkali penetration, good wiping.

Don’t look at the advantages of stainless steel is very common, and the environmental advantage is that any material can not be compared, so it is reasoned to be sought after by people.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share How Small Units Use Resources Reasonably

In the home decoration, there are many owners and friends who do not know much about the skills of small-sized decoration. The following handmade sink manufacturers will introduce you to the relevant content of small-sized fine decoration?

1, color selection
Because of the small space, small-sized houses have certain limitations in color matching. Therefore, in order to make the small-sized space look more spacious, it is best to apply a relatively bright color to the wall space of a small apartment, but it is not possible to use a color with too high purity, and it is better to select a gray with a lower purity.

2, skillfully use the material
The small-sized space is best made of glass partition material, which can make our vision more open, make the house space look bigger, and the glass material is economical and has excellent decorative effect.

3, less to do the split
Many people often use the same material or color to separate the space when the small apartment is decorated. However, this type of decoration does not apply to small apartment spaces. Because the small space is originally limited in space, if you divide too much, it will make the space appear more narrow, and it will easily bring people a visually disordered effect. Therefore, it is best to split the small-sized space, it is best to use some small embellishments or lines to intersperse, so that the space is not so dull.

4, decorative configuration
Small apartment decoration If the decoration is unreasonable, it will make people feel that the whole space is more and more depressed. Therefore, when decorating, we should choose simple ceiling or no ceiling, so that people will not feel the space is crowded. In addition, users can use some stretchable materials, which will not take up too much space, and make the room very creative.

5. Reasonably arrange storage space
Usually our indoor lockers will be based on a wall space, which is a very beautiful design for large units, but this is an unreasonable design for small-sized spaces, and small-sized storage spaces are best wall-mounted. The built-in space allows for a more spacious space outside, which greatly improves our space utilization.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Characteristics Of A Single Slot

Everyone who needs to decorate a new house needs to think carefully when it comes to the sink. So how do you choose this? I don’t know if it doesn’t matter, don’t worry, today handmade sink manufacturers will teach you.

1. Single trough: large single trough type, large sink basin, more convenient and comfortable to choose. At present, there are also long basins with a length of more than 900 mm on the market. The shape is more luxurious and the price is also more expensive.

Small single-slot type, the sink is often the choice of a family with too small kitchen space. It is inconvenient to use and can only meet the most basic cleaning functions. It is difficult to clean large kitchen utensils.

2. Double trough: Most double troughs are large and small. The large sink can be used to clean the dishes. The small sink can clean the food and be used at the same time. It is convenient and flexible.

The dual-slot design is widely used in the home to meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately, and is preferred because of the space.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Remind The Sink Is Not As Thick As Possible

The problem of the thickness of the manual sink has been a problem that has been discussed. Some people say it is too thick or too bad. Some people say that it is too thin, how much is the thickness? handmade sink manufacturers manufacturers discuss it.

90% of the export foreign trade manual sink is 1.2 mm thick. There are also some 1.0mm thick, 1.5mm thick, which is a small part. Note that the thickness is the thickness of the entire sink, that is, the thickness of any portion of the sink is the thickness. 1.2mm is the standard thickness of international products, not thick or thin. Too thick will lose the elasticity of stainless steel, too thin will reduce the service life of the product, and the corresponding problems will increase.

Thickened panel sink, generally structured with 3 to 4 mm thick panels and 0.8 to 1.1 mm basins. So I told you before, in the face of this thickened sink, to distinguish his good or bad, you will measure the thickness of the sink as thick as possible, but the thickest will not exceed 1.2mm to 1.5mm, because the processing of the basin Need to weld and bend. The treatment is too thick. That thickened panel sink is not good. The same is true.

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Handmade sink manufacturers share knowledge of sink selection

Any furniture needs to be properly selected. Whether it is a large object or a small object, if you choose the right one to bring a lot of convenience to your life, then let’s go with the handmade sink manufacturers to see how to choose a stainless steel sink.

1. Look at the craft
Stainless steel sinks are usually welded and integrated. From the point of view of certain branded sink products, the price of the same size varies greatly. Not only affected by materials, but also process gaps. From the technical point of view, the integral molding method is superior to the welding method. The process is produced during the stamping process, which is tight and seamless, avoids rust and prevents the occurrence of desoldering.

2. Look at the material
The best sink material on the market is 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for kitchen use in terms of hardness and wear resistance. This steel is particularly lubricated, oil-free, non-polluting and easy to clean. No need to use cleaning products, just use a rag. A good sink is also equipped with an overflow device that looks fine and smooth.

3. Look at the workmanship
The precision of the sink work will directly affect the daily use of the sink. In particular, the flatness of the sink is an important indicator for determining the quality and grade of the sink. After cleaning, the sink is clean and oil-resistant, without any stains and water. The most important thing is that it is not easy to hang dust, such a sink is not easy to breed bacteria.

4. Look at the thickness
The thickness of the sink should be moderate, too thin and too thick, and the thickness of the sink is generally 0.8mm-1.0mm. The quality of 1 mm is better. Too thin will affect the life and strength of the sink. Too thick will easily damage the tableware.

5. Look at the accessories
PVC material is used to prevent blockage. The position of the steel ball is the key to sewage settling. The steel ball has good positioning quality, can remove the sewage agilely, and avoid the odor return. The sink is another key to avoiding odors. The planning of the sewage pipe into an S shape can reduce the odor of the sewage pipe, and is equipped with a special sterilization process, and the effect is better.

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Design Requirements For Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet

Today, let’s take a deeper look at the size, functionality, and user-friendly design of the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet :

1. Size:
Generally, ceramic basins are the best choice for small sizes, while artificial stone is generally used for large sizes. Because of the 80 cm or more, the deformation rate of ceramics is very high; there is no problem with artificial stone. As long as the life of the artificial stone is very long, modern people are more likely to choose stainless steel laundry cabinets.

2. Function:
When choosing a stainless steel laundry cabinet, the first thing to consider is of course the practical function. For example, soap nets with soap. Put the towel bar of the towel and put the blue of the temporary dirty clothes. General professional laundry cabinet manufacturers will consider the function is more important than the gorgeous appearance

3. Humanization:
The treatment of the high and low basins of the stainless steel laundry cabinet is more humane. The height of domestic women is generally around 160 cm, and the laundry cabinet should be put down the washing machine, the total height should be above 90 cm. (The height of the drum washing machine is generally 82-86 cm.) The height of the female is below 160 and it is very uncomfortable to use. Therefore, it is more humanized in design.

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