Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Function Of The Manual Sink

The sink is no stranger to us. They are installed after the kitchen is renovated. It also plays an important role in the kitchen. When we bought the sink, we found that there are many kinds of sinks on the market. Many people don’t know! Today, the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers and you go to see the function of the manual sink!

The function of the manual sink:
1. The modernization of such products has formed industry-related standards. It does not conflict with other kitchen accessories in the space arrangement, and there are reasonable arrangements besides cleaning the product. It also has functions such as drinking water, garbage disposal, and instant hot water. The integrated design eliminates a lot of running troubles, simplifies product circulation and procurement channels, and saves social resources.

2. The user only needs to operate within the set range and will not be in a hurry. At the same time, it avoids the problem of water droplets polluting walls and seepage when the tableware is suspended. The console is designed to be very user-friendly and has various types of cutlery. The cutting board is also very convenient and the integrated stove is better. In addition, such products have only one after-sales service. No matter which section has a problem, just look for the corresponding merchant.


Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Difference Between Machine Slots And Manual Slots

Today, Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers is here to talk to you about the various features of machine slots and manual slots:

First, from the appearance, the integrated groove is more round, the manual groove is thicker and the line is tough.

Second, the details, the integrated groove four corner arc processing, usually easy to use, the rounding of the manual groove is not perfect compared to the machine groove. The bottom of the integrated tank can make a large slope, which is more conducive to the launching of water. The manual tank can only make a simple X-type launching.

Third, the material is almost no difference, if you use 304 stainless steel, the difference lies in the thickness, the general machine slot thickness is about 1mm, and the manual slot market can generally achieve about 3mm, or even the custom-made 5mm manual Slot, this is the advantage of the manual groove looks more solid and more personal.

Fourth, the appearance of the machine slot and manual slot, this is too simple, the machine slot is like a weak woman in the South, and the manual slot is obviously a northern man, at a glance.

Five, how to determine whether the sink is true 304 stainless steel, this is only the use of syrup experiments, but remember, the syrup is corrosive to stainless steel, you tried not stainless steel, the return can not be returned.

Sixth, cost comparison, manual tank is definitely expensive, because it is all artificial welding, it is definitely costly; and the machine slot is machine-integrated press molding, and the machine slot technology has been in full swing for so many years, the cost is naturally low.

Seven, about the purchase, this is personal preference, can be used. The key point to remember here is that you can use the sink and use it, you can’t make a big rust, but you don’t hear anyone who washes the sink and wash the sink, so the focus is on the high-bend faucet, hose, angle valve and launching.

Eight, buy the sink, here must remember, the sink contains the sink, sink water, faucet, faucet hose, two angle valves, installation fee.

Analysis Of The Reasons Behind The Failure Of Stainless Steel Faucets

At present, many daily necessities are made of materials such as copper, iron, stainless steel, etc. These materials contain heavy metal elements, which may cause excessive standards if not handled properly.

For example, the main element of stainless steel contains manganese, chromium, and nickel. To maintain corrosion resistance, stainless steel must contain a certain amount of chromium. If the chromium is not handled properly, it may lead to excessive chromium. Similarly, improper handling of manganese may result in excessive manganese.

The copper alloy for making stainless steel faucets contains trace amounts of iron, aluminum, lead and other metallic elements.

If there is no lead, it is difficult to form during casting. The higher the lead content, the easier the casting process is. Therefore, the copper faucet on the market generally contains a certain amount of lead. If the lead-free process is not done well when the factory is manufactured, it will lead to excessive lead.

Another reason is that the company’s technology and equipment are aging, resulting in the control of trace elements. Usually, when the new equipment is first put into production, its products are qualified, but when the equipment is used for a long time, the trace elements of the product will exceed the standard. This situation cannot be repaired from a technical point of view, and only new equipment can be replaced. However, some factories continue to use it in order to save money. This is a technical problem and a cost issue.

Most of the faucets on the market today are made of copper cores, but the quality is not good. Small manufacturers, cheap faucets, the possibility of lead exceeding the standard is very large. This is because some manufacturers do not buy standard brass alloys in order to control costs, but purchase cheap lead brass from small workshops as raw materials. This lead brass is often high in lead but at half the price of brass alloy.

How to distinguish inferior faucets from price

A copper faucet with a formal process should cost more than a hundred yuan, while a tens of faucet is likely to use lead brass. Compared with large products, tens of dollars of faucets are really not worth spending so much time and energy to pick one by one, and will not pay attention to the problem of excessive lead content.

Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share How To Replace The Faucet

Today, take a look at the replacement faucet with the kitchen faucets manufacturers .

Install the attachment parts in the attachment, a copper ring, metal washer, plastic spacer. There are two screws on the copper ring. Compared with the fixing method of the old faucet, the design is more stable and the chance of automatic wire removal is relatively small. The problem of the old faucet is on this fastener.

Look at the inner core, the black lacquer can not be seen, but I know that it is a ceramic valve core, the outer casing is actually copper.

The hot and cold water hoses are intimately marked with blue and red, indicating hot and cold, corresponding to the hot and cold signs of the handles, so that the water and the logo will not be opposite. There are also two simple wrench fingers on the hose, and the instructions on the manual are included, which is not rigorous.

Quick installation

Tool fit: Phillips screw/wrench.

The first is to close the hot and cold water valve below, and determine which one is the hot and cold water valve, a new good direct connection. Then you can remove the old faucet.

Before installing a new one, make sure that the hose connection is not tight enough and tighten it. And remove the upper mounting fasteners for use.

Remove the fastener and insert the faucet into the mounting hole on the bowl.

Insert the metal gasket and the copper ring from the end of the hose in turn until it is placed on the threaded sleeve, screw it in place by hand, then tighten the screw on the copper ring with a Phillips screw cone, against the metal gasket on the front, the tap Fixedly fixed.

Then connect the hose to the hot and cold water valve separately and tighten the wrench. Then press the water valve to test whether it is leaking or not, and the installation is successful.

The tap water test water, the water column is sprayed into the middle of the dish, the water flow impact is good, the valve switch damping is also moderate, the bend of the bend is very smooth, especially the fastening method, it should no longer appear loose over time. The problem is.

The threaded casing of the old faucet has a great relationship with the corrosion of the material. Look at the big nut, because the installation of the terrain environment, can not be twisted without the wrench, and it will be loose over time.

The interior of the whole copper, the corrosion marks are obvious, and the surrounding white aluminum also has some signs of corrosion.


Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share Standard Knowledge Of Sinks

Today, we share 8 inspection standards with Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers .

1. Hole position – rear position, center position, side position, rear position is best, so that there is more space for utilization in the lower part of the cabinet. The side position is second.

2. Material – hardness, gloss, generally 301, 304, 430 stainless steel. 304DDQ stainless steel is the best. Lightweight, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, resistant to aging, and rust free. For example, Moen uses high quality 304 stainless steel.

3. Thickness – the overall stiffness, generally 0.7 ~ 1mm. For example, Franca is 0.9mm, Moen is 1.0mm, and Jiade is 0.8mm.

4. Edge – thin side, narrow side, straight side, general side height <4mm, side width <20mm, the best, can make the table surface flat, anti-side leakage, the basin effective volume.

5. Verticality of the basin wall – vertical pelvic floor, arc angle, vertical angle is the best, so that the effective area of the pelvic floor is large, easy to operate.

6. Depth – shallow, deep, generally > 180mm best, deep basin, large washing, splash-proof.

7. Flatness – The most intuitive standard of quality and grade, generally should be between + 0.1mm, which means that the processing precision is good and beautiful.

8. Lower water pipe fittings – precision of fittings, hard PP/PVC material is the best, with the same life as the sink, anti-clogging, no water leakage.

9. Water separator – steel ball positioning, rubber extrusion, spiral extrusion, steel ball positioning is the best, convenient and fast water storage, automatic water filtration.

Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Teaches You Easy Steps To Clean Up

The sink in the house is no longer dirty! The kitchen can be said to be a paradise for housewives, and it can be said to be their biggest distress. Especially in the kitchen sink, there are always a lot of old water stains that bother them. So what can you do to get rid of these? Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers teaches you a very simple way to keep the dirt away from your kitchen and make your kitchen look new.

There is always a leak in the faucet of the sink, and some places that leak water through the metal gap will always produce some water stains, which will affect the look and feel.

First of all, you need a small bowl of white vinegar. Then wipe the area that needs to be cleaned, and then wrap it tightly with a piece of cloth dampened with white vinegar. Then pour the white vinegar onto the cloth so that the dirt is fully wet with vinegar. Then wait an hour. After an hour, take out the sponge brush and wipe the area that needs to be cleaned.

You will find that the faucet is getting cleaner! But in some places it can’t be removed. It doesn’t matter, come again, wrap the area that needs to be cleaned with a vinegar cloth, and wait another hour. Then use a sponge brush to wipe it, can you wipe it off?

Finally, wipe off the excess water, and your faucet will be refreshed! Wow! It’s really clean. I didn’t expect white vinegar to be used to clean the water stains. It’s amazing! Not only the faucet, but many in the kitchen. Metals have a lot of stubborn stains, and these stains always plague us. Well now, with this method, you do not worry!