Handmade Sink Manufacturers Tell You What Is The Advantage Sink

The home in the kitchen has a very important location and it belongs to the sink. The sink performs important cleaning tasks before preparing for cooking, and it also acts to add force to the food during cooking. After that, the sink naturally needs to clean the cooking tools, so it is very important to choose a quality sink.

There are many kinds of sinks on the market, each with its own advantages. Today, let’s talk about what is a sink sink. Why is it a nobleman in the sink? Then the Afa handmade sink manufacturers will decrypt everyone. What is a handmade sink? In short, the process is a hand-made sink. Snap-on spot welding, R-type spot welding, etc., every detail is inseparable from the electrician’s rich experience and meticulous operation. The manual sink, the production process is cumbersome and the details are controlled, so it is called the nobility in the sink.

1. Good material – 304 stainless steel.
The best steel plate for making the sink is the 304 steel plate. Regardless of hardness and wear resistance, the steel plate is best suited for kitchen use. The steel surface is particularly smooth, free from oil and dirt, and does not require brush cleaning. A rag is sufficient.

2. Advanced technology – better oil resistance.
When the surface of the sink is used for a long time, it will turn black or rust. The pearl cotton is made of electrolyte material, which is a chemical substance and is not environmentally friendly. The hand-made water tank adopts the three-drawing oil snowflake drawing process, and the treated matt surface layer is not easy to be oily, is not easy to be wet, and is easier to clean.

3. Simple appearance – increased capacity by 40%.
The manual sink breaks through the traditional size limit, and the small R-angle design increases the space of the water tank, increases the space utilization by 40%, and releases the washing space, which is convenient for large objects to be placed in the sink for cleaning. The depth of the front and back of the sink is slightly different, combined with the X-shaped water guide to form a scientific water guide angle, refused to accumulate water.

4. Rear hole drainage design – more storage space.
The manual sink has a rear hole drainage design that allows the drain to be more inside, and the cabinet below the sink can have more storage space.

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