Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Benefits Of Manual Sinks

We are no stranger to the sink, but it is really not easy to choose a suitable sink for ourselves. Today, handmade sink manufacturers will share the manual sink PK ordinary stretching sink. Who is better?

The manual sink maximizes the space of the tank, has a strong sense of line, and has a high overall appearance and a stronger texture.

The ordinary water tank is stretched by the machine, and the texture of the L-angle line cannot be achieved, and the overall grade will be lower.

  1. Material
    The hand-made sink is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, environmentally friendly and lead-free. It has strong wear resistance, oxidation resistance and high anti-fouling ability. It will not corrode or fade for a long time.

Ordinary sink materials are generally used 201#, 202#, and even some materials can not be called, the safety is not guaranteed.

  1. Thickness
    The hand-made sink is made of 304 stainless steel sheet by digitally programmed laser cutting, bending and laser welding. Manual tanks are generally thicker, usually around 1.2MM.

The ordinary water tank is formed by one-piece stamping and stretching. The thickness of the basin will be uneven.

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