Handmade sink manufacturers share knowledge of sink selection

Any furniture needs to be properly selected. Whether it is a large object or a small object, if you choose the right one to bring a lot of convenience to your life, then let’s go with the handmade sink manufacturers to see how to choose a stainless steel sink.

1. Look at the craft
Stainless steel sinks are usually welded and integrated. From the point of view of certain branded sink products, the price of the same size varies greatly. Not only affected by materials, but also process gaps. From the technical point of view, the integral molding method is superior to the welding method. The process is produced during the stamping process, which is tight and seamless, avoids rust and prevents the occurrence of desoldering.

2. Look at the material
The best sink material on the market is 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for kitchen use in terms of hardness and wear resistance. This steel is particularly lubricated, oil-free, non-polluting and easy to clean. No need to use cleaning products, just use a rag. A good sink is also equipped with an overflow device that looks fine and smooth.

3. Look at the workmanship
The precision of the sink work will directly affect the daily use of the sink. In particular, the flatness of the sink is an important indicator for determining the quality and grade of the sink. After cleaning, the sink is clean and oil-resistant, without any stains and water. The most important thing is that it is not easy to hang dust, such a sink is not easy to breed bacteria.

4. Look at the thickness
The thickness of the sink should be moderate, too thin and too thick, and the thickness of the sink is generally 0.8mm-1.0mm. The quality of 1 mm is better. Too thin will affect the life and strength of the sink. Too thick will easily damage the tableware.

5. Look at the accessories
PVC material is used to prevent blockage. The position of the steel ball is the key to sewage settling. The steel ball has good positioning quality, can remove the sewage agilely, and avoid the odor return. The sink is another key to avoiding odors. The planning of the sewage pipe into an S shape can reduce the odor of the sewage pipe, and is equipped with a special sterilization process, and the effect is better.

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