Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Scratch Treatment Of The Sink

Generally, when we use the sink, it will inevitably hurt the sink, such as scratches, discoloration, etc., below Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers How to deal with the scratches in the stainless steel sink?

1. Preparation tools:
When cleaning stainless steel, be careful and use tools that are not abrasive. Soft cloth and plastic wipes will not damage the stainless steel surface. Of course, the ball can also be cleaned with stainless steel, but it must be wiped according to the manufacturer’s sanding mark.

2. Clean in the direction of the grinding line:
Some stainless steel surfaces have a sanding line or “texture”. If there is a sanding line, it must be wiped in the same direction as the sanding line. If the texture is not clear, then be careful and wipe with a soft cloth or plastic pad.

3. Use alkaline, chloralkali or bleach-free detergents:
Many traditional washings contain bleaching powder, and more bleach-free detergents are now available in the industry. If they tell you that the detergent used contains bleach, ask if they have other options. They may have a bleach-free detergent to choose from. Of course, avoid using detergents containing chloride salts. Because this may cause rust.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Parameters Of The Sink

For small furniture such as sinks, many of them will be ignored, but in fact, there are a lot of knowledge points in the sink. Today, let’s take a look at the parameters of the sink with the handmade sink manufacturers .

1. Thickness of the sink steel plate:
The high-quality water tank adopts imported 304 stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1mm, while the ordinary low-grade water tank adopts 0.5mm-0.7mm. The identification method can distinguish between the weight and the surface.

2, anti-noise treatment:
The bottom of the high-quality water tank is sprayed or glued to the rubber sheet and does not fall off, which can reduce the sound of the faucet water from the impact of the pelvic floor and play a buffering role.

3, surface treatment:
The surface of the high-quality sink is flat, soft and soft in appearance, not easy to stick to oil, easy to clean and wear-resistant.

4, inner corner processing:
The inner corner of the high-quality sink is close to 90 degrees, the inside of the sink is larger, and the volume of the basin is larger.

5, supporting components:
The high quality falling head requires thick wall and smooth treatment. When the cage is closed, it will never leak water. The beads are durable and comfortable. The downpipe is required to be made of environmentally friendly disposable materials, and has the functions of easy installation, deodorization, heat resistance, aging resistance, etc., and is durable.

6, sink molding process:
The one-piece molding technology solves the leakage problem caused by the corrosion of the weld seam due to the welding of a variety of chemical liquids (such as detergents, stainless steel cleaners, etc.). The one-piece molding process is a particularly important process and requires a high degree of material for the steel sheet. What kind of process is used is an obvious manifestation of the quality of the sink.

Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share How To Clean The Sink

Cleaning at home is a very troublesome thing, so many people choose to clean the furniture as much as possible, of course, in the kitchen, then today, handmade sink manufacturers to discuss how to properly maintain the sink?

1. The sink that I just purchased has not been used. After a period of time, the surface of the tank is rusted. What should I do? This is a phenomenon of floating rust. The water tank is corroded by corrosive gases, liquids, metal dust in newly renovated rooms, or exposed to acidic or alkaline substances for a long time (non-304 material problems). The slight floating rust can be removed by repeatedly rubbing the cotton cloth with the toothpaste. The more serious floating rust can be removed by scrubbing with a scouring pad and toothpaste (or talcum powder) along the wire drawing.

2. Although stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it is not poisonous. The experiment proves that the paints used for decoration and cleaning, various reagents for removing cement, strong oxidants, etc. have a great influence on the surface of the water tank. Impurities such as splashes and electrochemical corrosion in the presence of corrosive media cause undesirable phenomena such as floating rust and stains.

3. The stainless steel sheet itself is not magnetic, but after a cold drawing, a small amount of metallographic structure will transform to martensite. The more the deformation of the processing, the more the martensite transformation, the greater the magnetic properties of the steel. Magnetic does not affect the function of the sink, does not affect health, and the magnetic will slowly fade after normal use.

4. When cleaning the sink, inadvertently scratching the flowers, use a medium-soft kitchen-specific scouring pad, press the scouring pad with your fingers, then follow the direction of the grain first, slowly wipe the test, after scratching Then quickly and gently rub back and forth to repair the texture.

Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Benefits Of Manual Sinks

We are no stranger to the sink, but it is really not easy to choose a suitable sink for ourselves. Today, handmade sink manufacturers will share the manual sink PK ordinary stretching sink. Who is better?

The manual sink maximizes the space of the tank, has a strong sense of line, and has a high overall appearance and a stronger texture.

The ordinary water tank is stretched by the machine, and the texture of the L-angle line cannot be achieved, and the overall grade will be lower.

  1. Material
    The hand-made sink is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, environmentally friendly and lead-free. It has strong wear resistance, oxidation resistance and high anti-fouling ability. It will not corrode or fade for a long time.

Ordinary sink materials are generally used 201#, 202#, and even some materials can not be called, the safety is not guaranteed.

  1. Thickness
    The hand-made sink is made of 304 stainless steel sheet by digitally programmed laser cutting, bending and laser welding. Manual tanks are generally thicker, usually around 1.2MM.

The ordinary water tank is formed by one-piece stamping and stretching. The thickness of the basin will be uneven.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share 5 Details Of The Manual Sink

In life, even the common hand-made sinks have advantages and disadvantages, but many people don’t know very well. They think that the hand-made sinks are all good. So today, handmade sink manufacturers will share five methods to judge the advantages and disadvantages of manual sinks.

1. Solder tight and no solder joints. Welding quality is one of the most critical factors affecting the life of the water tank. It is well welded to prevent raw embroidery and desoldering. This is in terms of double slots.

2, the general sink needs to have an overflow device, the surface looks fine texture, the good sink will have a more beautiful pattern as the design of the overflow hole.

3, environmental sanitation, easy to clean, good flatness. The most intuitive criteria for determining quality and grade are: gloss, oil and no smudge after washing in the basin. Material anti-fouling is a priority when purchasing a sink.

4. The water pipe is leakproof, the precision of the fittings and the precision of the water tank are the same. PVC material is used, and the life of the water tank is the same as that of the water tank.

5. The thickness of the general manual sink is 1.0~1.5mm, and the quality of 1.2mm is relatively good.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers What Are The Precautions For Sharing Kitchen Countertops?

In the kitchen room, the kitchen countertop is very important, because it is related to the durability during normal use in the future, so we must carefully choose the kitchen countertop. Today, handmade sink manufacturers will share the precautions for kitchen countertop selection.

1. It takes 0.5H to bond the table top in summer and more than 1H in winter. The distance between the range hood and the cooktop is generally between 750 and 800 mm, and should be aligned with the left and right of the cooker. Whether it is the decoration worker or the company to send people to connect, we must ensure that the air inlet will not leak. Generally speaking, the installation of embedded electrical appliances in the whole cabinet only needs to open the power supply hole on site. When assembling the range hood and the cooker, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoking effect and whether the air source has air leakage.

2. In order to reduce the error caused by the actual environment and the cabinet design after the kitchen decoration, the countertops are installed after the cabinets and cabinets are installed. This can improve the accuracy of the cabinet installation. Professional glue should be used for the bonding of the countertops. In order to ensure the beauty of the countertop joints, the installer should use a sander to polish and polish.

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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Tell You What Is The Advantage Sink

The home in the kitchen has a very important location and it belongs to the sink. The sink performs important cleaning tasks before preparing for cooking, and it also acts to add force to the food during cooking. After that, the sink naturally needs to clean the cooking tools, so it is very important to choose a quality sink.

There are many kinds of sinks on the market, each with its own advantages. Today, let’s talk about what is a sink sink. Why is it a nobleman in the sink? Then the Afa handmade sink manufacturers will decrypt everyone. What is a handmade sink? In short, the process is a hand-made sink. Snap-on spot welding, R-type spot welding, etc., every detail is inseparable from the electrician’s rich experience and meticulous operation. The manual sink, the production process is cumbersome and the details are controlled, so it is called the nobility in the sink.

1. Good material – 304 stainless steel.
The best steel plate for making the sink is the 304 steel plate. Regardless of hardness and wear resistance, the steel plate is best suited for kitchen use. The steel surface is particularly smooth, free from oil and dirt, and does not require brush cleaning. A rag is sufficient.

2. Advanced technology – better oil resistance.
When the surface of the sink is used for a long time, it will turn black or rust. The pearl cotton is made of electrolyte material, which is a chemical substance and is not environmentally friendly. The hand-made water tank adopts the three-drawing oil snowflake drawing process, and the treated matt surface layer is not easy to be oily, is not easy to be wet, and is easier to clean.

3. Simple appearance – increased capacity by 40%.
The manual sink breaks through the traditional size limit, and the small R-angle design increases the space of the water tank, increases the space utilization by 40%, and releases the washing space, which is convenient for large objects to be placed in the sink for cleaning. The depth of the front and back of the sink is slightly different, combined with the X-shaped water guide to form a scientific water guide angle, refused to accumulate water.

4. Rear hole drainage design – more storage space.
The manual sink has a rear hole drainage design that allows the drain to be more inside, and the cabinet below the sink can have more storage space.

Handmade sink manufacturers share the rusting performance of different sink materials

Most of the common water tanks on the market are stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, etc. The choice of which material to use the sink should be considered in combination with the kitchen decoration style and the color of the room. Let’s talk about the characteristics of different materials by handmade sink manufacturers .

The stainless steel sink has a high usage rate and is suitable for each consumer layer. Its metal texture is very modern, it is easy to match with other kitchen components, and it is easy to clean, as well as anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and moisture resistance.

The artificial stone sink is also the acrylic sink. The appearance is more fashionable, corrosion-resistant, and plastic. There is no seam at the corner, and the overall feeling is more gentle. Acrylic has a lot of colors to choose from, it is also very convenient to mix, but you should be careful not to let sharp tools and rough objects scratch when you use it daily, otherwise it will destroy the finish. The ceramic sink has the most aristocratic temperament, but its disadvantage is that the water absorption rate is low. If the water penetrates into the ceramic, it is easily deformed.

Stainless steel care is also improperly rusted
At present, the stainless steel sink is the most recognized by consumers. The thickness of the stainless steel sink is preferably between 0.8 and 1.0 mm. The sink in this thickness is more tough and can avoid all kinds of porcelain utensils due to impact. The damage caused by it. Consumers can press the surface of the sink a little bit when purchasing. If it is easy to press, the material of the sink is very thin and cannot be purchased.

In daily use, the stainless steel sink product will not rust, but if the sink is used improperly, it will appear on the surface of ‘long mold’, ‘floating rust’, etc., because the sink is not thoroughly cleaned after use, dirt It is formed on the surface of the sink, so be sure to keep the sink clean after use. If the above phenomenon occurs, you can buy some non-irritating care products for cleaning.

Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Reasons For The Long Service Life Of Stainless Steel

In the kitchen sink, the sink made of stainless steel and porcelain is a durable choice. Stainless steel sinks last up to 15 to 30 years, while porcelain has a service life of 25 to 30 years. No matter which material you choose, proper maintenance and maintenance will keep your sink last longer. Followed by
handmade sink manufacturers together to learn more about the different advantages of the two materials.

1. Stainless steel, the longest life from stainless steel sinks by installing a low specification number. The lower the pressure gauge, the thicker the steel and the longer it lasts. Use non-abrasive cleaners only on stainless steel and avoid detergents containing chlorides. Never use steel wool or abrasive materials. Silverware and cutlery falling into the sink may scratch it, but satin or brushed finishes will cover these flaws.

2. The porcelain sink is made of cast iron core and lacquered porcelain. Because the cracking and scratching of the finish shortens the life of the sink, if the knife or dish falls into the sink, placing a stainless steel rack or cushion on the bottom of the sink prevents cracking. Do not allow coffee grounds or other acidic substances to enter the sink. Rinse and dry the sink after each use and clean the porcelain frequently, avoiding the use of abrasive cleaners, rough sponges and steel wool. If the surface finish has many scratches and debris, consider repairing the sink.

Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Sharing Stainless Steel Is Durable

For those who use the kitchen frequently, the design of the kitchen countertop decoration directly affects the preparation efficiency of three meals a day and the mood during cooking. As for the choice of building materials for kitchen countertops, more and more people are interested in stainless steel materials. What are the advantages of stainless steel countertops, attracting more and more people to abandon marble, choose it? Check out with Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers .

1, Stainless steel countertops are waterproof and easy to clean.
The stainless steel countertops are bright and clean, and the waterproof function is superb, making it easy to clean. Regardless of the oil stains, or the scale printing, you only need to wipe it lightly. For those who cook heavy oil and heavy salt, it is a clean gospel!

2, the advantages of stainless steel countertops
The stainless steel countertop is a silvery metal with a combination of modern design elements. The overall line is simple and generous. It can be used in kitchen decoration. It can be equipped with any color door panel, neat and fresh, and has good visual effect.

3, stainless steel countertops, environmental protection, antibacterial
Stainless steel countertops are environmentally friendly and non-radiative, and various studies have shown that stainless steel countertops rank first with antibacterial regenerability compared to their countertops. Such good antibacterial properties are naturally more suitable for kitchens that focus on clean and safe spaces.

4, stainless steel countertops are durable
The stainless steel countertop is used as a metal countertop, which is sturdy and practical, and has excellent performance. Even if there is a scale on the surface, use a little abrasive on the dry countertop, and wipe it repeatedly with a dry rag, which is bright and new. Heat resistant, non-cracking, long service life and very durable.