About Me

Hi my name is Alia Shamsee, I am a 17 year old who is currently studying Biology, Mathematics and Business Studies at A level in King George V College. In biology I am particularly interested in genetics and disease.

I have had a passion for animals since I was a young girl. I have always wanted to go down a Veterinary career however Noel Fitzpatrick aka The Supervet inspired me to do just that. His TV show shines a light on how rewarding being a veterinary surgeon is but also how hard he worked building a state of the art business from scratch to become very well known for the work he does.

I am particularly interested in animal behaviour due to my fascination of knowing why animals behave a certain way and what external factors may change this. Therefore I aspire to become an Animal Behaviourist in my future. I will be able to help any animal with any behaviour issues they have. This could include anxiety issues, stresses in the animal’s life or behaviour training for the naughtier of our pets .

I am currently loaning a horse and these duties include cleaning, stable maintenance and exercising. Whilst I do this I also make decisions for what is best for the animal.

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