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Grief, Exams, Relationships, Image, Status, a few of the things that trigger stress and your mental health to go, well, “funny”, ironically there is no humorous side to it, in fact mental health affects 1 in 4 people, taking into consideration in a given household with an average family of 4 people, at least 1 of them will suffer from anxiety, stress or depression.

In an ever growing society to live up to high expectations, encouraged by the use of social media, it is clear to see why people are so critical of themselves, on a physical, mental and psychological level. With the growing popularity of dieting and slimming down, people are given the ideal of six pack abs and nothing less. This influences eating disorders which have been on the rise, as well as starvation caused on purpose. Similar to what happens to us where our mental health is on the brink, for example in education, deadline after deadline, exam after exam we are pushed to the limit, until we finally collapse, where it happens all over again. We are accustomed now to labeling ourselves, where we wage war, physical against mental, forgetting the fact that there is no real winner, only two losers.

Self Harm is also on the rise, especially in young people, this again is reflective of the amount of stress they are put under today, seen in the shake up of the new GCSE’s for example as well as the new style A-Level courses, becoming more difficult. Young people today turn to harming themselves or finding a negative to relieve themselves including the rise in young people using drugs, as well as crime. Adults are also affected by the workload at jobs, or going to jobs that they hate going to, but knowing it is their only way to put food on the table. Some not able to go any longer and resort to extreme measures.

Linking back to the above, more people are unintentionally isolating themselves, becoming hooked on social media, watching people enjoy themselves and have fun, with pictures of large groups of friends, or so it seems, and yet we believe it, and we wouldn’t be telling the truth if we said we didn’t want something like that. We slowly are taken in by the bingeing of insights into other peoples lives, and join the cycle that kills our social side, leaving us alone, afraid and ultimately isolated.

In conclusion we are led to believe that in lives across Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, everything is perfect, their life is stress free, but it truly isn’t the case. They say a picture can paint a thousand words, but it can also hide a million.

Aman Kumar

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