Hello and a Happy New Year!

I thought that it would be a nice idea to blog my experience of trying to get into Med school to hopefully inspire other people to pursue their passion.

I am just a regular girl that has always loved science, with parents that do not have careers in the medical world.

I just thought that I would share an opportunity that I went to just before Christmas which I think may interest any fellow students that are aspiring to be doctors/surgeons!

I recently attended Operating Theatre Live which was honestly so interesting as the surgeon running it spoke to us about his daily experiences and what his job actually entails. It gave me some great insight into the actual life of a surgeon. He then went on to explain some of the human anatomy which we then got to see by beginning to look at some pig organs (as they are very similar to humans apparently!). It was a really unique and interesting opportunity to be able to learn something and then to relate it to a real life situation. He then concluded the day by speaking about the application to medical school and the UCAT exams which again was very helpful as he gave us his tips (and told us not what to do from his past experience!).

I hope this may be of interest to some people and I just wanted to document my journey of being an average teenage girl aspiring to be a doctor to hopefully a medical student!