Coursework complete :)

After hours of research and writing I’ve finally completed my biology coursework. It’s been extremely interesting looking so deeply into one particular solution for the problem of the fastest growing mosquito borne disease, dengue fever.

Towards the end of the paper I had to mention 2 other solutions that are being developed, as alternative solutions to the problem. I was amazed to find that there have been massive developments into a vaccine for the fever, though it is a complex concept as it must be tetravalent because there are 4 different serotypes (variations of the virus) of dengue fever. However, so far the results seem promising with tests on animals proving neutralising antibody responses when 2 doses are given 4 to 6 weeks apart. The Eliminate Dengue research program was another potential solution I found. It involves transferring Wolbachia, bacteria which naturally occurs in nearly 60% of insect species, into Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. This technique has been successful in trials and effectively reduces the mosquitoes ability to transmit dengue fever.

These other methods are definitely still worth considering aside genetic engineering, especially the Eliminate Dengue program which can run parallel to other solutions such as insecticide use and a vaccine when it has been fully developed. For more information on this potential vaccine go to:, and information on the ED program can be found via:

How the ED program works; using Wolbachia bacteria
How the ED program works; using Wolbachia bacteria


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