Work Experience

I’ve just started working at a local nursing home every Sunday where I get to go round talking to residents, making sure they’re comfortable and feeling fine. The experience has been great so far, last week I entertained a few of them by playing classical tunes on the piano. It was an amazing feeling to know that I’d added some enjoyment to their life.
I’ve also been going around the home moisturising their hands or painting their nails, to make them feel good about themselves. In addition I’ve been joining in reminiscing about their school life, which was a real insight as many were born during World War 2 and so lived through an important historical age.

I enjoy interacting with the friendly staff who know the residents well, and it’s been great to become a part of their working life. They’re very caring people and its inspiration to see how they dedicate their lives to others every day.

Having been returning to the home every week, some of the residents are starting to remember my name as I become a part of their weekly routine. I look forward to going there now and hopefully will be able to keep working there for a year or so. I’ll keep you up to date with the different situations I encounter during my work experience, as well as the lessons I learn.

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