Work experience :)

Today my work experience at the care home was particularly interesting. Firstly I met one of the oldest residents at the home; speaking to her about her long history it was amazing to see such an experienced person in an almost perfect health state. We talked about her occupation and family, though we also discussed my future career as a doctor by relating it to her experiences within a hospital, especially when she was having children.

Secondly, after enquiring the senior carer about the medication she was giving to the residents, she explained where all of the medicine is stored in the home. I was astonished at the multitude of prescriptions and tablets that the home has to store and deliver to each resident. She presented me with how each resident has their own sealed cassette tray that the local pharmacy fills each week. One of her jobs is to ensure these are all correct, especially as some of the medication may change due to a change of manufacturer. Medication such as morphine has to be more securely locked away compared to other medicines, and drugs such as insulin have to be stored within a fridge. A “meds round” has to be completed a few times daily, as most residents need medication at various times in the day e.g. early morning, late morning, afternoon, etc. This knowledge has given me an excellent insight into the effort that is made medically to keep a patient well; before I had only seen the physical aspect of caring for the residents; helping them to the bathroom or serving them food.

Hence, my work experience continues to teach me new aspects of the medical health setting. Every time I visit I interact with new people with fascinating personalities; every visit is different and so I look forward to my next attendance.

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