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Working at a Pharmacy

Recently I have started work experience at my local pharmacy to contribute to my medical understanding. In contrast to work at the care home where I only communicate with elderly people, at the pharmacy I have the opportunity to deal with various members of the public. At the pharmacy I am aiming to improve my interaction skills while in a professional role, as well as developing my knowledge of what roles a pharmacist has.

Medication can be prescribed or purchased at a pharmacy
Medication can be prescribed or purchased at a pharmacy

Before I attended my first placement I had to have an induction to ensure I knew the basic principles of working in this type of setting. The most important was patient confidentiality; I have to ensure that I do not tell anyone outside of the work environment about patient information. I was also introduced to how to give someone their prescription; making sure that they are who they say they are by confirming their address. I was shown around the shop; to learn where all of the different types of medication are kept. This will aid me when patients enquire where certain medicine is kept. When someone is buying an item I have been taught to ask them who it is for, what symptoms it is being used to treat, if they have taken the medicine before and if they are taking any other medication.

After my first session at the pharmacy I found the experience was extremely beneficial. After just a few hours I felt I was more aware of treatments for various conditions. Shadowing the pharmacist, I was able to witness the type of advice they have to offer, and how they assist patients in remembering to take their medication, as well as having to arrange when and where the medication will be delivered.

I look forward to many more weeks of experience as I learn about working in a multidisciplinary team. I’ll keep you updated with my progress along the way!