About me

I’m currently a student in the sixth form studying my a-levels in order to apply for medical school. On this blog I’ll be posting everything that helps me take one step closer to becoming a doctor, and hopefully it will inspire you too to take a similar career path.

I’ve recently been to Ecuador for a month to do charity work in order to help the deprived communities of the country. My stay was one of the things that inspired me to choose a career in medicine, in order to pursue my dream of helping others.

The Medlink conference at Nottingham University, in December last year was the final step it took to convince me that becoming a doctor was the right career for me. It made me realise the role of being a doctor mixes together my two favourite things: people and medicine. Throughout my life I’ve always been interested in the developments of medicine, particularly as my sister suffers diabetes, and my parents are both permanently injured from vehicle accidents.

So follow me on my adventure in becoming a doctor, to help future generations in years to come. Team work in Ecuador

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