Do No Harm – Henry Marsh

For the past week or so, I have been reading Henry Marsh’s book ‘Do No Harm’ about his experiences as a leading neurosurgeon in the late 20th century. His accounts of the range of different surgeries that he has completed over his time are incredibly interesting and insightful into the high skill and mental resolve required of neurosurgeons. I am nearing the end and after finishing the book, i am planning on reading ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay.

The GM Chickens that lay eggs with anti-cancer drugs

Chickens have been genetically modified to produce eggs containing high amounts of proteins that are used in cancer treatment. Three eggs containing these proteins are equivalent to one dose of the drug. At roughly 100 times cheaper than producing the drugs in a lab, this new technology is promising and may, in the future, be used on a mass scale to produce these drugs

Parasites that turn their hosts into ‘zombies’

An amazing study has shown how certain parasites can ‘infect’ certain species, causing them to be in the complete control of the parasite.

Flash Glucose Monitoring – Type 1 Diabetes

Life-changing technology is becoming available for thousands of Type-1 Diabetics who have been unable to access it on the NHS. Currently, 80% of the NHS budget for Type-1 Diabetes is spent on dealing with complications, rather than preventing them. This £1000 per year technology could save the NHS millions.