Neverwinter welcomes Uprising on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Neverwinter Zen PS4 After being released on PC last August the Neverwinter Uprising extension is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Among the additions to this big update we will especially remember the arrival of a new breed of psionic warriors the giths. But not only because there will be new content PvE and PvP here is the detail as recalled in the official press release:

New breed: the giths. Join the Revolt! This new breed of psionic warriors will be unlocked for free for VIPs for the first two weeks after the release of Uprising.
New plot: confront the illithids in a new narrative plot that will send adventurers from the bowels of Montprofond to orbit around their planet on the secret space of githyankis.
New test: the Mage Tower Dément. Halaster summoned the boldest in his personal library for a challenge like no other in an intense 10-player event the toughest of the game’s instances.
Renovations to the Enclave of the Protector and the beginning of the game: adventurers who come back from cheap Neverwinter Zen their distant adventures will not miss to notice some changes in the heart of Neverwinter. The Protector’s Enclave has been remodeled to streamline gameplay and the low-level experience has been redesigned to make the first steps on a new character even more enjoyable.
Redesign of the appearance system: the new Appearance tab is an evolution of dyeing ceremonial and transmutation mechanisms that allows to define a look by location regardless of the object equipped. Combined with the new reusable color palette once unlocked this new system allows adventurers to have the look of their dreams anytime.
New PvP content: The Stellar Quay Arena is added to the available PvP cards and new rewards await those fighting for supremacy following the Undermountain classes redesign.

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The first day of World of Warcraft Classic was all about waiting in line

The first day of World of Warcraft: Classic was all about waiting in line. People had to wait in line just to purchase in-game time and, once they finished that and chose a realm, they had to wait some more. The server lines were expected, although some of them reached seriously oppressive heights. This sad screenshot below was the most absurd queue I saw and, clearly, I don’t think anyone will “actually” wait 12 hours to play.

Waiting in line in the starting zones might sound annoying, but some people seem to be taking it all in stride. “All these people waiting patiently in the queue to kill the boss in #WowClassic – this is the politest thing I’ve ever seen in gaming, ever,” wrote Twitter user @Farore13. The lengthy lines appear to be affecting multiple WoW Classic servers, so there appears to be no escaping the wait. However, your mileage will undoubtedly vary, and wait times will surely decrease with time and as players spread out into Azeroth. After all, WoW Classic was only just released hours ago, so a max influx of players into small areas is to be expected. If you want to know where to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Power Leveling, will be your best choice.

It’s amazing that everyone is so orderly about it all. The nightmare will undoubtedly settle down in a week or so as server populations become more balanced. Sucks if you took time off to play WoW today, but you’ve gotta appreciate just how classic the Classic experience has been.

While the groans about this exact type of launch defined a lot of the criticism and anti-hype surrounding the launch of WoW Classic, it is all still kind of exciting to be a part of. Among the new servers, people are already participating in the fledgling economies based around low-level items and the odd quest item that professions can craft. The games central trade chats were at first filled with tons of memes, jokes, and sarcastic comments about how they waited 3 hours just so they could wait for more inside the game.

World Of Warcraft Classic name reservation starting August 12th

From the moment of publishing this story, you have exactly six days to come up with your smartest and most loaded moniker. That’s when World of Warcraft Classic will open name reservations for your toons, and you better improve your name game. I hope to see some silliness out there, people. Monday, August 12th, 6:00 PM EDT is the time set for ordering names on WoW Classic. People with active subscriptions or game time on their accounts will be able to make up to three characters and have their names reserved when Classic airs on Monday, August 26.

We will release details on domain names and kingdom types this weekend so you can coordinate with your friends where to start your adventure. If there are many players who gather in the individual domains during the name / character creation process, we will post a warning about potential long queues in the domain, giving you time to choose an alternative domain. Please also note: Character creation will be limited to only one faction per domain in the PvP realm. By the way, you can buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ RVGM ”.

After the game’s official release on August 26, here are the official numbers of World of Warcraft Classic characters that can be created per World of Warcraft game account:

10 characters per World of Warcraft Classic domain
50 characters throughout the World of Warcraft Classic in your specific region
One faction per realm in the PvP realm

For players who have reached the limit of character creation in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, there is no overlap regarding the limits when it comes to World of Warcraft Classic. This means that your character count for World of Warcraft Classic is different from World of Warcraft itself.

Cooking Fever players compete at cooking different meals within short time notice

Cooking Fever is free to play addictive period management sport created by Nordcurrent, the experience is an authentic success, currently being downloaded through over 200 million users. The aim of the action is to cook different dishes in much more restaurants to get the very best chef on the town. If you choose to download the sport, you have to know that there are over 100 various ingredients with various settings and also cooking styles to maintain the game attractive in order to maintain the competition.

Cooking Curse is available for play on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The overall game resources are usually: Gems, Coins and Experience Points (XP). You can buy Gems and Coins by using real money. Download at the moment Cooking Fever from, Google Play, App Store, Windows Store or Amazon and present your create qualities in addition to become the most effective chef. Buy Cooking Fever Gems with Professional Service Online, at is Security and Fast Delivery Guaranteed.

Cooking Fever has develop into super addictive which is played internationally. There are a bundle of features containing combined to make the game favored and good received in the gaming group. Before most of us get ahead of ourselves, lets set aside a second and talk the sport basics. The action is largely target to cooks and chefs which pride themselves into their cooking knowledge. Anybody in which naturally love cooking will effortlessly fall around love using the game. Players participate at cooking different food within short time notice. There are actually different dishes and cuisines to get prepared across 20 unique locations.

Desert, fast food, oriental restaurant as well as sea food are some of the meals that Cooking Fever players can get to prepare. Not sure if you prepare these kind of meals? Very little worries. Characteristics time for you to practice your cooking skills before the big day time. At your current disposal are a great deal of different cooking ingredients that you should use around perfecting your cooking skills. Via when food preparation fever had been first unveiled till today, the adventure has recorded over 100 million in effective downloads. Also, the online game currently has 4.5/5-star ratings from over 4 million players around the globe.

Neverwinter VIP program is an optional subscription

Neverwinter by far has the most complicated economy that I have seen in a game. They have many different types of currency, used for different things, and some, not all, can be traded or sold back and forth. If you find the convoluted and confusing economy of Neverwinter as confusing as I did you might want to check out this player guide to make sure you have the many moneys of Neverwinter figured out.

It is important to know that dungeons are farm content in this game. If you take your time looking around, you might get barked at for not keeping pace. Because of the game design, endgame players get thrown into the lower level dungeons on their daily routines. They want to get over it as quickly as possible, and it is advised to not interfere. For a sightseeing run it is best to manually recruit a group in the lower level adventure zones.

To buy stuff in on the ZEN market, you need an ingame currency called ZEN. You can either charge it with real money or use an ingame exchange to convert your Astral Diamonds. It is very unlikely however that you get anywhere near the required amount of ADs for a level boost as a new players on your way to 70. Especially in earlier versions of the game it was viable to go into certain areas, team up with a higher ranked mate and kill big so called elite mobs. One example are the Cloud Giants in Spinward Rise, a 67+ level area. Also all content in which you are scaled to a higher level (Guild Strongholds or certain events or campaign quests) dished out great XP. This is still working for Illusionist’s Gambit, which dishes out great XP on lower levels. Not sure about other content, but it makes sense to ask around.

Being a member of a guild comes with many benefits, and one of them are the boons. Guilds level up a Stronghold together and unlock structures that grant permanent stat boosts. So it is definitely advised to look for a guild as early as possible. Most should have the XP boon available, which depending on the guild rank varies from a 3%  to 30% boost.  More information is on where you can buy Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds.

Neverwinter VIP program is an optional subscription that comes with many perks, including a 10% experience bonus. One month is available for 1,000 ZEN, or roughly 10$. If you are serious about the game, VIP is a true must have. Later you can earn enough Astral Diamonds to subscribe for free using the ingame ZEN exchange, early on however you need to charge ZEN with real money in case you want to be a VIP right away.

FIFA 20 contains a FIFA Street-style mode named Volta


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For the first time since 2012, street soccer is coming back to the FIFA franchise. Today, at E3 2019, EA Sports revealed a new mode called Volta that will bring small sided play to FIFA 20, which takes a cue from the FIFA Street series that launched in 2005. While we saw a glimpse of street football in FIFA 18, as part of The Journey campaign, this year game will feature a fully fledged mode. In California, the annual EA Play event began and the release dates for several titles under the publisher banner were announced. FIFA 20 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 27. The latest version from the world’s most popular soccer series is again offering multiple pre-order options and two of them provide early access.

Electronic Arts has lifted the lid on the next edition of its hugely popular FIFA football video game series at its EA Play livestream ahead of E3 2019. FIFA 20 will release on 27 September 2019 and will feature a street soccer story mode called Volta, as well as coming with the usual slew of gameplay tweaks and changes. FIFA 20 contains a FIFA Street-style mode named Volta, publisher EA has revealed. The mode is a new direction for the mainline FIFA series, which has until now remained relatively realistic and straightforward in its execution. The announcement was made just prior to the start of EA Play, the publisher pre-E3 event that takes place today, June 8. More news on the recently announced game is expected during the event.

EA Sports FIFA 20 big new addition will be Volta Football, a career mode blending NBA 2K MyCareer-levels of personalization and customization with FIFA Street-style matches and tricks. Volta Football is part single-player career, part multiplayer, with a story mode path, a branch for team play, and league play involving promotion and relegation. For those who want to play with their favorite sides and stars, there is Volta Kick-Off.

Today, EA revealed FIFA 20 for Xbox One and other platforms. The game should launch on September 27 and features a lot of enhancements. There were expectations that FIFA 20 would be showcased at E3 2019, but the title looks even more spectacular than we imagined. In Volta, you can create your own character and play in cages and futsal pitches all around the world, including London, Amsterdam and Tokyo. The teams will be made up of three-to-five players, which you can play with your custom character or professional players, and you’ll have both story and league modes.


In Madden NFL 20 you will feel like an NFL superstar

Franchise relocation has been ignored by Madden for a while now. The options to move, right down to the team names and uniform options, were lifted wholesale from Madden 18 and dropped into Madden 19 without change, which was extremely disappointing. The limit of a handful of cities is frustrating as Madden is played by gamers across the globe. Every football game has a story to tell, and in every game in Madden NFL 20 you will feel like an NFL superstar. Each game will feel more unique thanks to select star players that have abilities to reflect what separates these superstars from the rest of the pack each Sunday. These abilities impact the game far beyond any individual rating you’ve seen in previous editions of Madden.

The injury system in Madden 19 was maddening, with the same players experiencing game-ending injuries week after week. Tiburon should rework the injury system to make it more realistic and present more risk/reward related to starting injured players. Persistent damage like NBA 2K would be great, and become a factor as you weigh resigning a player or ranking free agents. Why not allow players to relocate to Sydney, Tokyo, or Abu Dhabi? Why not allow their creativity to run wild with the uniform options or team names? The NFL is constantly looking for global expansion, so letting its wider fanbase feel more ownership of a team in Franchise Mode would be a great step forward.

Every Franchise will feel more alive, with evolving story lines happening alongside every week of your NFL career. Every decision you make will impact what happens next as you compete for the ultimate NFL achievement: a Super Bowl victory. With Madden new Scenario Engine, you’ll experience football stories that were previously unavailable to tell. After years of being worthless, in Madden 19 the spin move came back with a vengeance, so much so that it feels too overpowered and predominant. Tiburon should retain its usefulness, but reign in the situations where it’s effective.

One aspect of Franchise Mode that can frustrate more seasoned players and the armchair GM is a lack of flexibility in contract negotiations. You can only start talking to players about a new deal when they are in their last year of their contract, which we know is not how the NFL really works. Think of Ultimate Team Missions as a roadmap to earning all of the programs and content that matter most to you in Ultimate Team. A new list of activities will be presented daily that will help you improve your Ultimate Team so you can spend more time dominating the competition and earning MUT Coins Madden 20, whether it is in Head-to-Head seasons or in the all-new Ultimate Challenges coming to Madden NFL 20.

MLB The Show 19 is the next evolution of one of the more prominent sports titles

MLB The Show 19 is the next evolution of one of the more prominent sports titles in the annual gaming catalog. With no competition and an unexciting elevator pitch, we were ready to pinch hit on Buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs until next year instalment. Long time fans of this franchise will know not to sleep on developer Sony San Diego, though, as the studio tends to throw acclaimed curveballs on an annual basis. It’s great to see the promotion and visibility on social media remain consistent after the season has come to an end. Not only did Sony San Diego announce Bryce Harper as the cover athlete for MLB The Show 19, with the team uniform he’ll be wearing to be determined by his free agency choice, we also found out the game official release date and the details around the special editions.

Without the presence of EA Sports flagship titles like Madden and FIFA, The Show has its niche of diehards who are not afraid to invest time and money to fuel the virtual inclination of the American pastime,baseball. This wrinkle to the carry over concept is in addition to being able to continue your Road to the Show and franchise mode saves from year to year. I’ve always felt this concept was a smart one as it allows fans to pick up where they left off with the last game when the new version is available. And while this year edition may not have many buzzwords to pull punters in, there’s no doubt that it plays a great game of ball. Simple and to the point, as are some of the big changes coming to the game this year. Fans can participate in the closed alpha by signing up here. Signing up doesn’t guarantee access as the participants will be chosen at random.

The 2019 edition is in line with the other titles, that is to say that the fidelity of the simulation is at the center of the experience if not having dozens of modes around the matches to improve the experience. It is both a quality and a defect according to your desires as players. Basically, if I’ve played 6 years with an RTTS player I created, and he’s still saved on my hard drive, rather than start over from scratch when I get MLB The Show 19, I can resume his career with the same rosters, stats, look, etc. From Team Affinity to Signature Series cards, check out the new ways to earn MLB 19 Stubs in MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty mode. Returning in MLB The Show 19 is the fan favorite Diamond Dynasty mode, and Sony San Diego has made a few improvement’s to the mode rewards. For our money, this is the best sports series on console right now, and the under-the-hood improvements make the latest iteration the best it’s ever been.

Understand Rocket League the concept of ballchasing

Ballchasing is a commonly used term in the Rocket League community. Many players are labeled Ballchaser during ranked and random games, but the term could be misunderstood by some. To define the ballchasing and to explain how it could affect a player’s playing style and Rocket League Trading, as well as affect the team as a whole, we talked to Dignitas player Maurice Yukeo Weihs for an explanation and further understanding of the topic. Players new to the game, however, may not fully understand Rocket League the concept of ballchasing and how this can have a negative impact on the way you and your team play. When asked to define the term Ballchasing, Yukeo said: When someone concentrates on the ball and starts to exit the position and rotation of the teams only to reach the ball as quickly as possible, without even thinking about the result or the others.

Basically, ballchasing simply boils down to constantly going to the ball and being so focused on hitting it that your teammates can become confused and start to position themselves inefficiently. In the first ranks, in particular, ballchasing can be a problem, as this can lead to selfishness and perhaps even to the toxicity of teammates who feel frustrated by what we do. When asked how a new player can understand when he is performing the ballchasing, Yukeo replied: When they cut in front of their teammates, they take the ball off and focus only on it, and continues I think watching a replay from the point view of other players is the easiest way to figure out when you’re wrong.

Understanding how to position yourself effectively in Rocket League, where your teammates are positioned and knowing when to advance in a game, it all comes down to the practice in online matches. Simply by playing you can understand and appreciate how you and your teammates need to work together to succeed, and the fact that selfishness can lead to the destruction of a team. For a little more help on this topic, we asked how a player can understand when to advance or retreat. Yukeo replied: Everything comes from experience, but listening to the sound and sound of the game can help most of the time. Many players underestimate the effectiveness of in game sounds. However, raising the master volume is never a bad idea, be sure to listen carefully, if you’re not watching, for a nearby car, for example. You can also simply listen to the sound of the engine and, thanks to the customization options offered by the game for audio, some sounds are much clearer than others.

In Rocket League audio helps you not only to understand the positioning of your teammates on the pitch, but can also help you understand where the enemy team is. If you can’t see past the top of the ball while keeping possession on it with a control, for example, you can use audio signals like jumps, boosts or just generic engine sounds to hear when an opponent approaches. Audio is not essential in the game, but Rocket League Items can definitely give you an advantage and help.

Some of the main disadvantages of ballchasing are double committing and overcommitting. It is a mistake frequently made in the low ranks and should be avoided in order to maintain a smooth rotation and maintain a solid position in the field. Yukeo said: Double and triple committing, in high level matches, almost always lead to the opponent’s goal. Put your third mate in a one-on-three scenario. If you and a teammate both hit the ball at the same time, it can be very dangerous. In a one vs three scenario, the opposing team with all three players is more likely to take advantage.