Understand Rocket League the concept of ballchasing

Ballchasing is a commonly used term in the Rocket League community. Many players are labeled Ballchaser during ranked and random games, but the term could be misunderstood by some. To define the ballchasing and to explain how it could affect a player’s playing style and Rocket League Trading, as well as affect the team as a whole, we talked to Dignitas player Maurice Yukeo Weihs for an explanation and further understanding of the topic. Players new to the game, however, may not fully understand Rocket League the concept of ballchasing and how this can have a negative impact on the way you and your team play. When asked to define the term Ballchasing, Yukeo said: When someone concentrates on the ball and starts to exit the position and rotation of the teams only to reach the ball as quickly as possible, without even thinking about the result or the others.

Basically, ballchasing simply boils down to constantly going to the ball and being so focused on hitting it that your teammates can become confused and start to position themselves inefficiently. In the first ranks, in particular, ballchasing can be a problem, as this can lead to selfishness and perhaps even to the toxicity of teammates who feel frustrated by what we do. When asked how a new player can understand when he is performing the ballchasing, Yukeo replied: When they cut in front of their teammates, they take the ball off and focus only on it, and continues I think watching a replay from the point view of other players is the easiest way to figure out when you’re wrong.

Understanding how to position yourself effectively in Rocket League, where your teammates are positioned and knowing when to advance in a game, it all comes down to the practice in online matches. Simply by playing you can understand and appreciate how you and your teammates need to work together to succeed, and the fact that selfishness can lead to the destruction of a team. For a little more help on this topic, we asked how a player can understand when to advance or retreat. Yukeo replied: Everything comes from experience, but listening to the sound and sound of the game can help most of the time. Many players underestimate the effectiveness of in game sounds. However, raising the master volume is never a bad idea, be sure to listen carefully, if you’re not watching, for a nearby car, for example. You can also simply listen to the sound of the engine and, thanks to the customization options offered by the game for audio, some sounds are much clearer than others.

In Rocket League audio helps you not only to understand the positioning of your teammates on the pitch, but can also help you understand where the enemy team is. If you can’t see past the top of the ball while keeping possession on it with a control, for example, you can use audio signals like jumps, boosts or just generic engine sounds to hear when an opponent approaches. Audio is not essential in the game, but Rocket League Items can definitely give you an advantage and help.

Some of the main disadvantages of ballchasing are double committing and overcommitting. It is a mistake frequently made in the low ranks and should be avoided in order to maintain a smooth rotation and maintain a solid position in the field. Yukeo said: Double and triple committing, in high level matches, almost always lead to the opponent’s goal. Put your third mate in a one-on-three scenario. If you and a teammate both hit the ball at the same time, it can be very dangerous. In a one vs three scenario, the opposing team with all three players is more likely to take advantage.

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