In Madden NFL 20 you will feel like an NFL superstar

Franchise relocation has been ignored by Madden for a while now. The options to move, right down to the team names and uniform options, were lifted wholesale from Madden 18 and dropped into Madden 19 without change, which was extremely disappointing. The limit of a handful of cities is frustrating as Madden is played by gamers across the globe. Every football game has a story to tell, and in every game in Madden NFL 20 you will feel like an NFL superstar. Each game will feel more unique thanks to select star players that have abilities to reflect what separates these superstars from the rest of the pack each Sunday. These abilities impact the game far beyond any individual rating you’ve seen in previous editions of Madden.

The injury system in Madden 19 was maddening, with the same players experiencing game-ending injuries week after week. Tiburon should rework the injury system to make it more realistic and present more risk/reward related to starting injured players. Persistent damage like NBA 2K would be great, and become a factor as you weigh resigning a player or ranking free agents. Why not allow players to relocate to Sydney, Tokyo, or Abu Dhabi? Why not allow their creativity to run wild with the uniform options or team names? The NFL is constantly looking for global expansion, so letting its wider fanbase feel more ownership of a team in Franchise Mode would be a great step forward.

Every Franchise will feel more alive, with evolving story lines happening alongside every week of your NFL career. Every decision you make will impact what happens next as you compete for the ultimate NFL achievement: a Super Bowl victory. With Madden new Scenario Engine, you’ll experience football stories that were previously unavailable to tell. After years of being worthless, in Madden 19 the spin move came back with a vengeance, so much so that it feels too overpowered and predominant. Tiburon should retain its usefulness, but reign in the situations where it’s effective.

One aspect of Franchise Mode that can frustrate more seasoned players and the armchair GM is a lack of flexibility in contract negotiations. You can only start talking to players about a new deal when they are in their last year of their contract, which we know is not how the NFL really works. Think of Ultimate Team Missions as a roadmap to earning all of the programs and content that matter most to you in Ultimate Team. A new list of activities will be presented daily that will help you improve your Ultimate Team so you can spend more time dominating the competition and earning MUT Coins Madden 20, whether it is in Head-to-Head seasons or in the all-new Ultimate Challenges coming to Madden NFL 20.

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