Neverwinter VIP program is an optional subscription

Neverwinter by far has the most complicated economy that I have seen in a game. They have many different types of currency, used for different things, and some, not all, can be traded or sold back and forth. If you find the convoluted and confusing economy of Neverwinter as confusing as I did you might want to check out this player guide to make sure you have the many moneys of Neverwinter figured out.

It is important to know that dungeons are farm content in this game. If you take your time looking around, you might get barked at for not keeping pace. Because of the game design, endgame players get thrown into the lower level dungeons on their daily routines. They want to get over it as quickly as possible, and it is advised to not interfere. For a sightseeing run it is best to manually recruit a group in the lower level adventure zones.

To buy stuff in on the ZEN market, you need an ingame currency called ZEN. You can either charge it with real money or use an ingame exchange to convert your Astral Diamonds. It is very unlikely however that you get anywhere near the required amount of ADs for a level boost as a new players on your way to 70. Especially in earlier versions of the game it was viable to go into certain areas, team up with a higher ranked mate and kill big so called elite mobs. One example are the Cloud Giants in Spinward Rise, a 67+ level area. Also all content in which you are scaled to a higher level (Guild Strongholds or certain events or campaign quests) dished out great XP. This is still working for Illusionist’s Gambit, which dishes out great XP on lower levels. Not sure about other content, but it makes sense to ask around.

Being a member of a guild comes with many benefits, and one of them are the boons. Guilds level up a Stronghold together and unlock structures that grant permanent stat boosts. So it is definitely advised to look for a guild as early as possible. Most should have the XP boon available, which depending on the guild rank varies from a 3%  to 30% boost.  More information is on where you can buy Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds.

Neverwinter VIP program is an optional subscription that comes with many perks, including a 10% experience bonus. One month is available for 1,000 ZEN, or roughly 10$. If you are serious about the game, VIP is a true must have. Later you can earn enough Astral Diamonds to subscribe for free using the ingame ZEN exchange, early on however you need to charge ZEN with real money in case you want to be a VIP right away.

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