The first day of World of Warcraft Classic was all about waiting in line

The first day of World of Warcraft: Classic was all about waiting in line. People had to wait in line just to purchase in-game time and, once they finished that and chose a realm, they had to wait some more. The server lines were expected, although some of them reached seriously oppressive heights. This sad screenshot below was the most absurd queue I saw and, clearly, I don’t think anyone will “actually” wait 12 hours to play.

Waiting in line in the starting zones might sound annoying, but some people seem to be taking it all in stride. “All these people waiting patiently in the queue to kill the boss in #WowClassic – this is the politest thing I’ve ever seen in gaming, ever,” wrote Twitter user @Farore13. The lengthy lines appear to be affecting multiple WoW Classic servers, so there appears to be no escaping the wait. However, your mileage will undoubtedly vary, and wait times will surely decrease with time and as players spread out into Azeroth. After all, WoW Classic was only just released hours ago, so a max influx of players into small areas is to be expected. If you want to know where to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Power Leveling, will be your best choice.

It’s amazing that everyone is so orderly about it all. The nightmare will undoubtedly settle down in a week or so as server populations become more balanced. Sucks if you took time off to play WoW today, but you’ve gotta appreciate just how classic the Classic experience has been.

While the groans about this exact type of launch defined a lot of the criticism and anti-hype surrounding the launch of WoW Classic, it is all still kind of exciting to be a part of. Among the new servers, people are already participating in the fledgling economies based around low-level items and the odd quest item that professions can craft. The games central trade chats were at first filled with tons of memes, jokes, and sarcastic comments about how they waited 3 hours just so they could wait for more inside the game.

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