Neverwinter welcomes Uprising on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Neverwinter Zen PS4 After being released on PC last August the Neverwinter Uprising extension is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Among the additions to this big update we will especially remember the arrival of a new breed of psionic warriors the giths. But not only because there will be new content PvE and PvP here is the detail as recalled in the official press release:

New breed: the giths. Join the Revolt! This new breed of psionic warriors will be unlocked for free for VIPs for the first two weeks after the release of Uprising.
New plot: confront the illithids in a new narrative plot that will send adventurers from the bowels of Montprofond to orbit around their planet on the secret space of githyankis.
New test: the Mage Tower Dément. Halaster summoned the boldest in his personal library for a challenge like no other in an intense 10-player event the toughest of the game’s instances.
Renovations to the Enclave of the Protector and the beginning of the game: adventurers who come back from cheap Neverwinter Zen their distant adventures will not miss to notice some changes in the heart of Neverwinter. The Protector’s Enclave has been remodeled to streamline gameplay and the low-level experience has been redesigned to make the first steps on a new character even more enjoyable.
Redesign of the appearance system: the new Appearance tab is an evolution of dyeing ceremonial and transmutation mechanisms that allows to define a look by location regardless of the object equipped. Combined with the new reusable color palette once unlocked this new system allows adventurers to have the look of their dreams anytime.
New PvP content: The Stellar Quay Arena is added to the available PvP cards and new rewards await those fighting for supremacy following the Undermountain classes redesign.

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