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Multi-layer blow molding process
Multi-layer blow molding is the use of several plastics to make a multi-layer composite Pet Preform in a suitable manner and then formed by a general blow molding process.
Multi-layer blow molding is mainly to meet the higher demand for plastic packaging containers such as barrier properties, flame retardancy, weather resistance, heat insulation, internal and external dichroism, etc. for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foods.
For example, a double-layer blow molded bottle with an outer layer of PVC and an inner layer of PE, the outer layer of PVC provides good barrier properties, rigidity, flame retardancy and weather resistance, while the inner layer PE makes the bottle non-toxic to the package. Excellent chemical resistance.
Typical applications for multilayer blow molded articles are the packaging of milk, natural juices, tea, ketchup, carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and beer.
Multi-layer extrusion blow molding refers to the plastic preforms of different kinds of plastics after being plasticized by a plurality of extruders, and then formed into a billet layer which is layered and tightly bonded together by a special machine head, and then fed into a blow mold. A technique for inflating a multi-layer hollow article.
This blow molding technology is developed on the basis of single-layer extrusion blow molding. The molding process is almost the same as that of single-layer extrusion blow molding, except that the molding equipment uses multiple extruders to plasticize different types of plastics. The machine head used should be able to extrude the tubular structure of the multi-layer structure, and the three-layer tube blank extrusion equipment

Injection stretch blow molding process
Stretch blow molding: a blow molding process by biaxially oriented stretching, which is divided into a one-step injection drawing process and a two-step injection drawing process.
One-step method: hot pet preform method
Pet preforms, stretching, and blow molding are done in one machine. Pet preforms are semi-finished products in the production process.
The combination of devices is:
1 consists of an extruder and a blow molding machine;
2 consists of an injection machine and a blow molding machine.
Two-step method: cold pet preform method
After the pet preform is cooled, the cold pet preform is reheated for stretching and blow molding. Including injection of preforms for stretch-blow molding of pet preforms; extrusion of pet preforms by directional stretch blow molding.
There are currently four combinations of stretch blow molding:
1-step extrusion stretch blow molding for processing PVC;
2 two-step extrusion stretch blow molding for processing PVC phase PP;
3 one-step injection stretch blow molding for processing PET and RPVC;
4 two-step injection stretch blow molding for processing PET.
Blow molding materials: PAN, PET, PVC, PP, etc.
01. Injecting pet preforms into a directional stretch blow molding process
The bottomed pet preform is first injection molded and continuously sent to a heating furnace (infrared or electric heating) by a conveyor belt (or a rotating belt), heated to a stretching temperature, and then incorporated into a blow mold by means of a stretching rod. Stretched and then inflated. It is necessary to control the appropriate stretching temperature, and it can be molded by multi-cavity (2-8), and the production capacity can reach 250-2400 per hour (capacity is 340-1800g beverage bottle).
02. Extrusion pet preform blank oriented blow molding process
The plastic is first extruded into a tube and cut into a length to serve as a cold billet. Put it into the heating furnace and heat it to the stretching temperature, then take the heated pet preform from the furnace to the molding table through the conveying device, so that one end of the pet preform forms a bottle neck and a thread, and the pet preform is along the axis. After pulling 1.0-1.3 times, the blow mold was closed for inflation molding.
Another method is to take out the heated pet preform from the furnace, stretch it in the axial direction of the tube in the stretching device, and send it to the blow mold. The mold inflates the stretched pet preform and inflates it. Forming and trimming waste edges. The production capacity of this method can reach 3,000 bottles per hour and the capacity is one liter.
Applications: PET beverage bottles, PP bottles, PC bottles

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The Color Design Of China Pet Bottle

Seizing the consumer’s consumer psychology can open up a very good market. The long-term development of Pet Preform manufacturers recognizes that the color of pet preforms has a great influence on their own development. People at different stages do not choose the color of PET bottles. In the same way, I have such personal feelings, and my favorite color is chosen to buy.

The psychological effects of color have a certain impact. As our age changes, children like very bright colors. Red and yellow are the preferences of ordinary babies. The favorite color of boys is green, red, yellow, white, and black. The favorite colors of girls are green, red, white, yellow, and black. Adults are rich in life experience and cultural knowledge. In addition to the associations from life, there are more cultural factors. According to the color psychology of the consumer groups of different age groups, the PET bottle design can be targeted. According to the different perceptions of color by people of different ages, we have designed such PET bottles to provide us with a wider market.

The color design of China Pet Bottle has a great impact on their own development, and seizes market dynamics to win a wider space for their own development.

Shortening Of Pet Preform

Shortening is a common defect in the processing of Pet Preform, especially for large PET products with high surface quality requirements. Shortening is a serious disease.  Therefore, people have developed various technologies to minimize the problem of shortening and improve the product quality of packaging containers.
In fact, the problem of shortening often occurs in the thicker orientation of injection molded PET parts, such as ribs or protrusions, which is more severe than the adjacent orientation, because this shortcoming severely restricts the planning and molding of PET products, especially large thick-wall products, such as the inclined plane casing of TV sets and the display casing.  It is necessary to eliminate shortening marks for products with strict requirements on household appliances in China, while shortening marks are allowed for products with low surface quality requirements such as toys.
In addition, there is another method to reduce the occurrence of shortening by modifying the mold and the conventional core hole. However, this method is not applicable to all resins at present. Otherwise, the gas assisted method is worth a try.
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Jilian Mold Quality China Pet Bottle

Blowing Pet Preform is often used in our daily lives. For example, various crafts or PET bottles, and we should pay attention to some matters in the process of use, so that he can better play his role and effect.

There is no waste generated in this process, which can well control the wall thickness of the product and the dispersion of materials. The precision of the neck product is high, the surface of the product is smooth, and it can be economically produced in small batches. Using the injection molding point of the bottom of the product to observe the bottom of the product, there is a navel-like injection molding point, and there is a mold clamping line at the bottom, which has a higher rejection rate of the extrusion blow molding product, and the waste is recovered and utilized poorly.

What we should also pay attention to is to avoid the environmental impact of his use. For example, some PET products can not be used under long-term high temperature and direct sunlight. We should do a good job of shading.

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China Pet Bottle Intimate And Meticulous Service

Pet Preform are the containers we often use in our lives. We all know that they are made of PET and are very durable, but they will also age. How do we delay the aging of pet preforms?

First of all, manufacturers can add anti-aging agents during production, but the use of any additives is not required, so we can not expect him to play a big role. The rest is the maintenance we have during the use of it. PET products are always afraid of UV damage, so you should try to avoid sunlight when using them, and directly illuminate PET barrels. In addition, PET bottles can not be loaded with some oil products or strong acid and alkali substances, which will corrode, causing his aging, the use of the process should try to avoid no residue and often clean him.

We should choose the right PET bottle when using it, because the hygiene and requirements of PET bottles are different in different industries. Only when we choose to meet our requirements, we can be assured when we use them.

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China Pet Bottle Become The Mainstream Of Packaging

The transparent PET bottle is a transparent and white PET packaging container formed by blow molding. After injection molding to form an intermediate product Pet Preform, and then blow molding to form a PET bottle, this is a two-step molding principle. At present, transparent PET bottles are mostly used for packaging medicine, beverages, mineral water, candy, flavoring, etc. The transparent PET bottle is formed into a transparent preform by injection molding of a special material made of polyester. The transparent preform is blow-molded under specific pressure and temperature conditions, and the volume in the die of the mold is expanded according to the specifications of the mold. Corresponding height-thickness transparent PET bottles, how to solve the deformation problem of PET beverage bottles in the production process? The solution is as follows:

First, due to weight loss caused by deformation: PET bottles with different barrier effect materials are used to achieve excellent barrier effect to reduce deformation and other phenomena.

Second, the deformation caused by hot filling: as much as possible at normal temperature filling, in order to achieve the purpose, the use of extended circulation transmission pipe or increase the cooling device to avoid this phenomenon. In general, PET bottles are widely used in different industries, and as a mainstream packaging form, they are favored by the market.

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The Dilemma Facing The Development Of China Pet Bottle

Pet Preform are widely used in daily life, and PET bottles for beverages and cosmetics can be seen everywhere. In recent years, PET bottles have become more and more widely used in the field of medical packaging, especially the emergence of various new PET materials. PET bottles have a great potential to replace traditional medical packaging materials. However, the “plasticizer” has been raging and has cast a shadow over the development of the industry.

China has become the world’s largest PET production base, but in the PET packaging industry upstream PET packaging machinery industry, especially high-end PET bottles, beverage companies, the packaging line is basically the introduction of imported equipment. According to the survey data of the Ministry of Health, China consumes more than 10 billion medicinal PET bottles per year. However, all domestic equipment for producing medicinal bottles must be imported.

At present, almost no PET bottle companies have R&D departments. Product homogenization is very serious and the added value is low. Medicinal PET bottles want new innovations and breakthrough products. It is necessary to develop new raw materials and new supporting blowing equipments, which are mutually restrained, which makes it difficult for the PET bottle industry to make breakthroughs in the continuous development of products.

In addition, plasticizers are also unavoidable in the development of the industry. The so-called plasticizer, commonly known as plasticizer, is a commonly used PET additive. Adding this substance to PET processing can make it more flexible and easy to process. Although there are strict regulations on the material of medicinal PET bottles, it is inevitable that there will be fish in the net. At the same time, the dissatisfaction of consumers with all kinds of PET bottles brought by the “plasticizer” storm has also caused the development of the industry.

At present, the development crisis facing the industry is mainly caused by insufficient innovation vitality of domestic enterprises. The medicinal PET bottle has obvious advantages such as light weight, good plasticity, low production cost and abundant materials, and its application prospect is undoubtedly broad. Strengthen the research and development of new and high-end medicinal China Pet Bottle, and have upgraded the related equipment to open the current development dilemma.

Jilian Mold High Standard Pet Preform

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Characteristics Of High Quality China Pet Bottle

The crystallization rate of PET has a highly symmetrical molecular structure and a certain crystal orientation ability, so it has high film formability and formation. PET has good optical properties and weather resistance, and amorphous PET has good optical transparency. In addition, PET has excellent abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and electrical insulation.

Bottles made of Pet Preform have been widely used because of their high strength, good transparency, non-toxicity, penetration resistance, light weight and high production efficiency. PBT and PET molecular chain structure is similar, most of the properties are the same, but the molecular backbone is changed from two methylene groups to four, so the molecules are more supple and the processing performance is better.

PET is a milky white or lightly highly crystalline polymer with a smooth surface. It has good creep resistance, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, low abrasion and high hardness, and has toughness in PA66 thermoplastics. It has good electrical insulation properties and is less affected by temperature, but has poor corona resistance. Non-toxic, weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, good water absorption, low acid resistance, but not soaked in heat-resistant water, not alkali resistant.

PET has a high glass transition temperature, a slow crystallization rate, a long molding cycle, a long molding cycle, a large molding shrinkage ratio, a poor dimensional stability, a brittleness in crystallization, and low heat resistance.

Through the improvement of nucleating agent and crystallization agent and glass fiber reinforcement, in addition to the properties of PBT, PET has the following characteristics:

  1. The heat distortion temperature and long-term use temperature are in thermoplastic general engineering plastics;
  2. Because of the high heat resistance, the reinforced PET is immersed in a solder bath of 250 ° C for 10 s, and it is hardly deformed or discolored, and is particularly suitable for preparing electronic and electrical parts for soldering;
  3. The bending strength is 200MPa, the elastic modulus is up to 4000MPa, the creep resistance and fatigue resistance are also good, the surface hardness is high, and the mechanical properties are similar to those of thermosetting plastics;
  4. Since the ethylene glycol used in the production of PET is almost half the price of the butanediol used in the production of PBT, PET and reinforced PET are expensive in engineering plastics and have a high cost performance.

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Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Makes You Satisfied

We all know that in addition to cosmetics, health care products are a relatively high-profit market. After years of development, there are already some large-scale health care products Pet Preform suppliers occupying a large share of the market. Some small and medium-sized health care products companies want To break through, we must improve.

Nowadays, most of the people targeted by health care products are people over the age of 40, as well as pets. These two markets are the mainstream trend nowadays. At present, the packaging of health care products is the most important for the appearance of health care pet bottles. The main thing is that the design and atmosphere of health care products are created, and the high-end sense is emphasized. If some small and medium-sized enterprises want to break through, they need to work harder to find another way. The most important thing is that the author has been talking to everyone. Finding the shortcomings of the industry, one of the pain points, and then focusing on improvement, and the counterfeit goods have become the biggest hidden danger in the market. Under such circumstances, if you want to make changes, you must adjust the breakthrough; solve this problem. The problem, I believe, must be able to change the competitiveness of the market in the opposite direction.

At the same time, children and students will often make up calcium, supplement vitamin C, etc. This is also a big market for health care pet packaging bottles, and it is not necessary to limit their own fields to become so rigid.

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