What Are The Advantages Of Pet Bottle Preform?

Pet Bottle Preform are plastic products that are processed by injection molding. They are impervious and insulating. They are usually used for the storage and transportation of some important liquid objects. Commonly, there are bottles for blood tests in hospitals. The application introduction and improvement methods of pet bottle preforms are described in detail below. The following is an introduction to “Improved methods for analysis and shortcomings of pet bottle preforms.”

From the current situation, waste plastics have only achieved “recycling” but have not really “re-use”. The main methods of recycling plastic waste in countries around the world are to discard, landfill, incinerate, or ship to other countries. Only 11% of the waste plastics recovered in Europe were truly reused, 14% shipped abroad and 21% were burned. At the Plastics Recycling Technology Conference held in Brussels by the European Plastics Manufacturers Association (APME), experts believe that the European plastics recycling industry is in a difficult situation.

In China, 13% of landfill waste treatment methods are used each year, and incineration accounts for 2%, and the recycling rate is only 5%.

Incineration and landfill of plastic waste not only cause environmental pollution, but also endanger human survival and development, but also cause huge waste, which is contrary to the sustainable development strategy. Therefore, in order to recycle, the recycling of waste plastics can produce economic and social benefits.

According to the medium and long-term development plan of science and technology, the strategic goal of planning waste plastics in the field of regeneration is: to regenerate and use waste plastics of 2.93 million tons, and to achieve a recycling rate of 50%, research waste plastic materials recycling technology, and propose the current waste plastics recycling. An improved method of the process.

On the basis of solving the pretreatment technology, we should review the advanced experience of foreign countries, research and promote the waste plastic recycling technology suitable for China’s national conditions, and improve the performance and quality of recycled plastic products. It can be seen that China has a long way to go to recycle and recycle waste plastics, and it is imperative to improve the recycling rate of plastic waste.

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