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PET or polyethylene terephthalate accounts for about 70% of the total number of soft drink bottles produced worldwide, comfortably making it the most popular material choice, over aluminum and glass.

In a wide variety of compressors, from standard models to custom or custom systems, there are some common themes that combine them. This is achieved by producing a variety of PET bottles arranged on supermarket shelves. Let’s take a look at the role of compressors in the PET bottle manufacturing industry and how to find high quality compressor valve parts.

The role of the compressor

Today, there are many ways to produce PET bottles in the Pet Preform manufacturing industry. Regardless of which system is used by the PET bottle manufacturer, the compressor is always the most demanding and careful part of the entire operation. This is because all processes require injection of compressed air during the molding of the bottle.

Due to the high temperature, high pressure and continuous repetitive extreme conditions, the compressor must precisely control the air flow through the system as needed. Therefore, this is crucial to the success of the operation.

Traditionally, the PET bottle manufacturing industry is driven by a reciprocating compressor that operates by using a piston to create pressure within the system. These compressors typically require more than 650 psi of factory air to produce more complex design products. Although companies now prefer to use low-voltage systems to conserve energy and provide more cost-effective processes. This allows centrifugal compressors to be used in the manufacturing industry, although they do not produce the same power as reciprocating compressors of the same size, they produce more airflow and, more importantly, they are more energy efficient.

Importance of compressor valves

Compressor valves in the PET bottle manufacturing industry operate under high pressure for extended periods of time. This requires extremely durable parts to maintain consistent and efficient performance. The purpose of the valve is to regulate the flow of air within the PET bottle production system, supply air to the injector when needed, and control the operating pressure within the system.

One of the main problems to be noted in the production of PET bottles is the production of acetaldehyde. This is an organic by-product formed on the plastic when the temperature exceeds 260 ° C, which is exceeded during the blow molding process. In order to minimize the amount of acrylic acid produced, tight control of the air flow rate is critical to reducing shear forces, which can cause overheating of the material and can cause bottle molding problems during the molding process.

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