Jilian Mold Is A China Pet Bottle Expert

If the bottle and the Pet Preform mold do not match, or if the bottle can be identified with the naked eye, what is the pressure of the blower? (General pressure is about 2.0-3.0 MPa). If the pressure is normal, check if the exhaust structure of the pet preform mold is open. Check if the temperature is normal. If not properly adjusted to the proper temperature.

The above said that the bottle is good or bad, what if it breaks? Check the exhaust time setting. If the exhaust air is set properly, it is judged that the exhaust valve is faulty only by blowing the blower each time. Open the vent valve and check the condition of the spring box seal. Another phenomenon of this type of failure is that the sound is not clean, the best way is to change one.

If the tube blank turns white when baked, the temperature will decrease or the number of revolutions will increase. If the tube blank is not white when baked, the bottle is blown white and the temperature is very low, just the opposite.

What should I do if there is excess meat after the bottle is ready? Mainly the bottle mouth and the bottom of the bottle. If there is meat residue at the bottom of the bottle, it is mainly because the bottom temperature is low and the temperature of the bottle mouth is high. Please lower the temperature of the bottle mouth and increase the temperature of the bottle bottom. Or reduce the delayed blowing time appropriately. There is excess meat in the mouth of the bottle. This problem is exactly the opposite of the rest of the bottle.

After the bottle is formed, the thickness of the bottle is very thin, sometimes the bottom of the bottle is not in the middle. It should be checked if the eccentricity of the tube blank is acceptable. Adjust the lever to the center of the bottom of the mold. Appropriately increase the blowing time after adjustment.

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