The Dilemma Facing The Development Of China Pet Bottle

Pet Preform¬†are widely used in daily life, and PET bottles for beverages and cosmetics can be seen everywhere. In recent years, PET bottles have become more and more widely used in the field of medical packaging, especially the emergence of various new PET materials. PET bottles have a great potential to replace traditional medical packaging materials. However, the “plasticizer” has been raging and has cast a shadow over the development of the industry.

China has become the world’s largest PET production base, but in the PET packaging industry upstream PET packaging machinery industry, especially high-end PET bottles, beverage companies, the packaging line is basically the introduction of imported equipment. According to the survey data of the Ministry of Health, China consumes more than 10 billion medicinal PET bottles per year. However, all domestic equipment for producing medicinal bottles must be imported.

At present, almost no PET bottle companies have R&D departments. Product homogenization is very serious and the added value is low. Medicinal PET bottles want new innovations and breakthrough products. It is necessary to develop new raw materials and new supporting blowing equipments, which are mutually restrained, which makes it difficult for the PET bottle industry to make breakthroughs in the continuous development of products.

In addition, plasticizers are also unavoidable in the development of the industry. The so-called plasticizer, commonly known as plasticizer, is a commonly used PET additive. Adding this substance to PET processing can make it more flexible and easy to process. Although there are strict regulations on the material of medicinal PET bottles, it is inevitable that there will be fish in the net. At the same time, the dissatisfaction of consumers with all kinds of PET bottles brought by the “plasticizer” storm has also caused the development of the industry.

At present, the development crisis facing the industry is mainly caused by insufficient innovation vitality of domestic enterprises. The medicinal PET bottle has obvious advantages such as light weight, good plasticity, low production cost and abundant materials, and its application prospect is undoubtedly broad. Strengthen the research and development of new and high-end medicinal China Pet Bottle, and have upgraded the related equipment to open the current development dilemma.

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