Shortening Of Pet Preform

Shortening is a common defect in the processing of Pet Preform, especially for large PET products with high surface quality requirements. Shortening is a serious disease.  Therefore, people have developed various technologies to minimize the problem of shortening and improve the product quality of packaging containers.
In fact, the problem of shortening often occurs in the thicker orientation of injection molded PET parts, such as ribs or protrusions, which is more severe than the adjacent orientation, because this shortcoming severely restricts the planning and molding of PET products, especially large thick-wall products, such as the inclined plane casing of TV sets and the display casing.  It is necessary to eliminate shortening marks for products with strict requirements on household appliances in China, while shortening marks are allowed for products with low surface quality requirements such as toys.
In addition, there is another method to reduce the occurrence of shortening by modifying the mold and the conventional core hole. However, this method is not applicable to all resins at present. Otherwise, the gas assisted method is worth a try.
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