FIFA 18: FIFA are no longer simply mirroring real life

Andrea Pirlo said he spent a afternoon actively playing video games before winning the actual 2006 World Cup within Berlin. “After the steering wheel, the PlayStation is the greatest invention ever, fifa 18 coins cheap ” he proclaimed in the autobiography. Fast forward ten years and football games possess evolved – driven through an obsession with precision and realism. But video games such as FIFA are no longer simply mirroring real life- they are actually starting to influence the way in which professional footballers play the overall game. FIFA 18 developer EA SPORTS has for a long time used thousands of data collectors who else painstakingly analyse and create directories teeming with intricate gamer statistics.
“We record as well as study how the players proceed the pitch, the accuracy of their passing, how they have a penalty, their headers, fifa 18 ps4 coins as well as the physics of the golf ball, ” EA SPORTS maker Gilliard Lopes Dos Santos said. Great something interesting is happening with regards to the relationship between the video game and also the sport.
“We’re living in a good age when the real and also virtual influence each other, ” said Lopes Dos Santos.
“Bizarrely, we often see that footballers learn things from games. It’s a permanent two-way procedure. ”
Case in point – the particular El Tornado. A new ability move for FIFA 18 which sees a player pull the ball back, rewrite around and volley this. Cristiano Ronaldo. Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli and Roberto Carlos are the only 4 players who can do it. But EA Sports has said that when a player pulls it away in real life, they’ll become rewarded with the skill amongst gamers.View more fifa 18 news, please buy ultimate team coins.

FIFA 18: Finding the best way to avoid Real Madrid on Career Mode

Goal has a closer look to find the best path for Career mode in consideration of Los Blancos while introducing the tips and strategies to make a gamer become successful at Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid comes out as one of the most supported clubs around the world and the most well liked in Career Mode, and Online Seasons of FIFA 18. Buy cheap fifa 18 coins from best fifa coins website to seize the upper hand in the very beginning of the gameplay of FIFA 18.

While considering the holders of La Liga and Champions League, the manager of Real Madrid usually have immense pressures upon him to become successful in their first and every season with the club. This club does have fantastic players to start. However, great deals of their stars in the latter years of their careers require simplifying in some young and fresh talent.

the best formation of Real Madrid in FIFA 18

Zinedine Zidane has the playing formation of 4-4-2 with Real Madrid. It is considered a diamond formation now. It is mirrored in FIFA 18 as 4-1-2-1-2. This comes out as well liked strategy for huge players of FUT. However, it is not the most effective path of using the best players of Madrid. Because of the default, Gareth Bale departs from the bench. However, his pace and higher rankings all through the board make him a luminous invader. Housing him in the beginning XI, there is to be 4-3-3 or a variation of it and it is obviously the best approach while rearranging the BBC frontline.

the best players in FIFA 18 of Real Madrid

While considering the cover star of FIFA 18, Ronaldo comes out as the best one in the game while having an existing ranking of 94. His ranking is better than the others of Real Madrid are. He is one point ahead of his competitor Lionel Messi. Up to 2021, he has the contract. Hence, he must be the core point of gamer until he plans to take the retirement in Career Mode. There is no specific weakness of Real Madrid as there are some powerful players being out of loan for the first season. Buy fifa coins online to seize the upper hand in the very beginning in the gameplay of FIFA 18.
James Rodriguez is to be at Bayern Munich up to 2019. At the same time, right-winger Martin Odegaard and Federico Valverde both are away from the club unless 2018. He has the rating of 86.

the purchasing of players in FIFA 18 of Real Madrid

In consideration of actual-life, the long-term requirement of Real Madrid in FIFA 18 is to figure out a new striker Karim Benzema that is available up to 2021 as a contract. However, his overall ranking is 86. Ronaldo can be applied as a striker as well; however, it is on the negative side of 30.

There is another area and it is goalkeeping. The developments are required in the medium and long-term. Keylor Navas comes out as a solid number one to start with. However, the club does not have a capable deputy or prominent young stopper. Kepa Arrizabalag of Athletic Bilbao has been related with actual life and he is also a suitable signing in FIFA 18. best fut coins website  Gianluigi Donnarumma, Alban Lafont, and Sergio Rico of Sevilla all are considered the terrific gathering. Buy fut 18 coins online and get into FIFA 18.

FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Gets A Huge Update To Solve Annoying Issues

It is really a good news for all FIFA fans that FIFA 18 has just been given a new update on PS4, Xbox One and PC, which solves an annoying glitch. Let’s see the details:

The latest FIFA 18 patch makes it more difficult to score from kick-off. most reliable fifa coins sites The defensive team is now more compact, the attackers will not push forward as aggressively and there will be less space between the offensive players and the defenders. Also, in some situations, the goalkeepers will no longer clean the ball unnecessarily.

This update will launch before the annual FIFA Rating Refresh. Although EA Sports just got the ball rolling with a new questionnaire, there is no exact word about when this year’s winter upgrade will go live. FIFA 18 developer posted on Twitter, asking fans for feedback on who deserves a ratings upgrade in FIFA 18. The tweet reads as “Who do you think deserves a Ratings, Weak Foot or Skill Moves upgrade in FIFA 18?” and includes a link to a ratings refresh questionnaire, where fans can nominate a player and a new score.

Here are the full patch notes of the new update:

Made the following changes in Gameplay:

After kickoff, the defending team will be more compact in defense.
Their attacking players will be less aggressive in pushing up the field.
Their defensive players will close the space between them and their attacking players to reduce the gap and limit the attacking team’s space.

Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:

Goalkeepers unnecessarily clearing the ball when it was passed to them in certain situations.

Made the following changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

The following changes have been made for all FUT Champions Weekend League matches:
All matches will now take place in the FeWC Stadium, with the Time Of Day always set to Night and Weather always set to clear.
The Pre-Match screens will no longer display which team is the Home team or Away team; instead, players will always see their team on the left side of the screen, cheapest fifa 18 coins ps4 with their opponent’s team displaying on the right side.
You will no longer see your opponent’s kits in either gameplay or the Pre-Match screens; instead, you will see your opponent wearing your unselected Active Kit.
For example, if you choose to play the match in your Home kit, you will see your opponent play the match in your Away kit.
The Kit Selection and Match Preview screens have been updated as a result of this change.
The Orbit Camera can now be used when watching FUT champions channel replays.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

The Player Fitness and Squad Fitness search filters on the FUT Transfer Market not returning the correct items.
The Player Contract and Manager Contract search filters on the FUT Transfer Market not returning the correct items.
The Specialties displayed for some inform players, in the Team Management screens of a FUT Online Match, were incorrect.
This was a visual issue only with no impact on gameplay.

Made the following changes in Online Modes:

Updated the colors used for the Connection Quality Bars in all Online modes, including in FUT.
5, 4 and 3 bars are green.
2 bars is yellow.
1 bar is red.

Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:

A player’s Pro Clubs Virtual Pro having incorrect attributes if it was created when the player is not connected to the servers.

Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

Updates to a number of kits fifa coins cheapest.


EA Sports had planned on redefining the FIFA franchise with the release of FIFA 18. Earlier yesterday EA Sports announced that they will introduce a new method of tackling in FIFA 18. According to EA Sports, the new method will more efficient and dynamic, more importantly, it will improve one’s defensive strategy in the game. ‘Hard Tackle’, the new tackle, best fifa coins seller is a mix between the standing challenge and slide tackle, and ensures that a player is better equipped to deal with an attacking threat. A hard tackle would allow players to throw their weight without the risk of being exposed after a slide. The hard tackle can be executed by holding the normal tackle button and allows players to regain possession of the ball quite quickly as well.

EA Sports had received many complaints before which stated that in FIFA 18 shielding the ball with the body was extremely overpowered in FIFA. It difficult for players to knock their opponents off balance by shielding the ball, so the inclusion of a hard tackle would be a more efficient way to compete for the ball without overcommitting or ending up with a red card. fifa coins seller reviews This is also a good example for EA subtly giving players greater opportunities to implement a more complex playing style.
The latest addition should be good news for players as it will also help increase the pace of the game without looking sluggish.
Often a standing tackle doesn’t help the player at all  in the context of a slide tackle results in players being unable to recover in time to get a second challenge.”We have added the ‘hard tackle’, which is halfway between a sliding tackle and a standing tackle… There’s now much more personality in defending – in the same way that we’re adding personality to dribbling, we’re adding it for defending so it matters more that you have a good defender and a good tackler because they will have more chances to get to the ball,” said Sam Rivera, fifa coins reviews FIFA 18 Associate Producer, while speaking at an EA Sports preview event. “The benefits of the tackle is that you are now much more likely to win the physical battle, without having to recover from getting up off the ground, like you do when you perform a sliding challenge,” he added.

FIFA 18 News: Overhead Passing Skills in FIFA 18

Overhead passing is only a deformation of through ball. It needs to meet some conditions to send out an overhead passing every second.

Similar to through ball, near the passer and receiver it is best that in 1m range there is no running defensive player interference with high speed, safest way to buy fifa coins or even up to 5 meters distance; receiver must be in high-speed running or there is a running trend situation. His recent defensive player must be in a non-running state.

Over the top of the use of the ball almost straight with the straight plug ball, but the use of some differences in conditions, you have to learn to distinguish.

For example, the ball player is about to quickly break through each other’s defense, but there are defensive players around him in the chase, this time you should choose straight plug ball, rather than over the top pass; long distance, there are players intend to break The other side of the line of defense, best fifa coins you should choose to pass the top pass this time instead of straight plug the ball.

Long distance, it used to pass the ball (straight plug the ball can not pass more than two defensive players), press the LT key to control the ball at the foot, this method can make good footwork players instantly stick the ball stick Side (relatively rough point of the foot of the players can also use two under the ball approach to control the ball down);

If you can not be in place, you will be ordinary high lob. This time you have to switch to the ball players to compete for the first placement; if the ball received, remember to control the ball down again. Some players catch the ball easily after the split is intended to turn the ball, but your ball did not control directly to turn around. It is easy to take the ball away from the foot, this time you should go along the potential of the ball to move forward.

Note that it’s best to go to the sidewalk to carry out overhead ball. Of course, that can be sent to the middle road is the best choice. It will be able to form anopportunity to fight the door. If only pass the wing, then you can consider bottom operating.

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FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Confirmed List – New FIFA 18 OTW Predictions For January Transfers

2018 winter transfer is full in swing! Europe clubs are busy to fine tune their squads halfway with new signings through a season, with the hopes of January additions changing a clubs fortunes often being met with mixed results. Until now, some big and surprised signing have been made,fut 18 coins reviews this January transfers happened in FIFA 18 soon, and for some transferred are surely going to receive a new OTW card! In this guide, we will list all the confirmed FIFA 18 Winter Transfers from major leagues so far and make new FIFA 18 OTW predictions according to the January transfers for you.

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FIFA 18 Confirmed Winter Transfers (11th January Updated)
FIFA 18 Winter Transfer – Premier League
Philippe Coutinho – Liverpool -> Barcelona

Virgil van Dijk – Southampton -> Liverpool

Diego Costa – Chelsea -> Atletico Madrid

Ross Barkley – Everton -> Chelsea

Terence Kongolo – As Monaco -> Huddersfield Town

Georges-Kévin N’Koudou – Tottenham Hotspur -> Burnley

Mikel Merino – Borussia Dortmund – Newcastle United

Moritz Bauer – FK Runin Kazan -> Stoke City

Ahmed Hegazi – Al Ahly -> West Bromwich Albion

James Wilson – Manchester United -> Sheffield United

Luke Hendrie – Burnley -> Shrewsbury Town

Adam Armstrong – Newcastle United -> Blackburn Rovers

Jake Clark-Salter – Chelsea -> Sunderland

Jamie Murphy – Brighthon & Hove Albion -> Rangers

Kevin Mirallas – Everton -> Olympiakos

Gethin Jones – Everton -> Fleetwood Town

Liam Walshe – Everton -> Bristol City

Aaron Ramsdale – AFC Bournemouth -> Chesterfield

Corey Whelan – Liverpool -> Yeovil Town

Marcus Barnes – Southampton -> Yeovil Town

Konstantinos Mavropanos – PAS Giannina -> Arsenal

Ike Ugbo – Chelsea -> Milton Keynes Dons

Jimmy Dunne – Burnley -> Accrington Stanley

Jordan Maguire-Drew – Brighton & Hove Albion -> Coventry City

Stephy Mavididi – Arsenal -> Charlton Athletic

Shay Facey – Manchester City -> Northampton Town

Adrien Silva – Sporting CP -> Leicester City

Viktor Gyokeres – If Brommapojkarna -> Brighton & Hove Albion

Tim Krul – Newcastle United -> Brighton & Hove Albion

FIFA 18: Five Requirements to Complete Goals in Career Mode

The five requirements of the board that you need to meet will be divided into: max, high, mid, low and very low. sell fifa 18 coins Before going into the career mode, let’s take a look at these requirements.
1. National success: according to the board’s request, you must reach a specific position in the national league. This is not based on any existing rankings or trends, because it all depends on the reputation and value of your team.
2. Mainland success: it’s the same as previous requirements, but focusing on the champions league or Europa league, giving you international attention. If you are managing a team that does not compete with international competition this season, the board may ask you to qualify for next year’s competition.
3. Brand: the boss wants to increase your team’s brand and market interests by this goal. For that, they will specify the amount of money. where is the cheapest place to buy fifa coins  You will earn through the sales of flat knitwear. In this case, players with multiple international reputations will be able to accomplish this.
4. Finance: the team with the potential development is different from being part of the elite club. Board members will ask you to keep your budget in line with expectations, or to increase team value according to a certain percentage. The key is to pay attention to and pay attention to Numbers; If your season is negative, it’s more likely that you’ll get a pink slip.
5. Youth development: finally, according to the boss’s standards, you must push the level of young players to a greater degree. Some of the milestones may be to sign a young player for a specific position. If their potential is higher than the average, they can be upgraded to the first team. The possibilities are enormous and vary according to the budget. In a modest small team, funding is limited, taking advantage of a young player’s game pool is beneficial and has a lot to do with building trust with the board.
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For a restricted time, it began to take place on last 10 November. Twenty-five players are contending for a place upon their national team to be accessible in packs as particular way to splendor items. At the same time, every player battles to prove his valuable all through the existing season. These items are to have automatic upgrades for each team of the week, man of the match, hero, or European team of the tournament. Alternatively, there is record breaker that gamer gain. Time is passing fast as it is to make the final squad. To find the best available players to make a superb FUT 18, gamers can avail fut 18 coins from best website for fut coins in the most affordable cost.

reason behind making the way to magnificence special

Way to Glory contender items actively is to be upgraded and have the enhancement ranking all through the season. When a gamer does have way to glory contender item in the club of gamer, its rankings are to automatically merge with the newest team of the week of player, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, hero, or in-form items of record breaker. When the player performs well in actual life, their ratings of them can go.

behind a Live Item

Path to Glory players is to be launched as Live Items. The rankings upon this item kind inform routinely. It is whether the item is in Club of gamer or it is listed upon the Transfer Market. Path to Glory Contender items become updated when a new Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero, or Record Breaker promotion is launched while incorporating the player. Buy fut 18 coins from best fifa coin sites now to procure the best available players to make a super FUT 18.

a path to magnificence player is transferred or loaned to a diverse club

The path to item of Glory player traits and newest in-form ranking is to be unchanged. Conversely, Path to Glory item of player is to be at the past club of player unless he finds an applicable in-form item. At this point, club, crest, and active image of player are to be updated. The path to glory player item is to be updated with the new nationality as early as possible.

The path to Glory Player item is to be at the previous club of gamer. However, the player does not gain any further updates. His path to glory item is to continue carrying the past applicable in-form ranking that gamer gained. Path to glory keeps containing a choice of players that are the contending for spots upon their concerned national teams. The position of player upon his Path to Glory item kind is not to alter. He is to keep continuing receiving any trait upgrades from that and future applicable in-forms.

the players of team

Alejandro Gómez and Javier Pastore appear from Argentina. Divock Origi is from Belgium. Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos, and Giuliano are from Brazil. Marcus Rashford, Danny Welbeck, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Joe Hart appear from England. Gamers can also find Tiémoué Bakayoko, Raphaël Varane, Kingsley Coman, and Dimitri Payet arriving from France. To keep updated with the latest news and fut 18 coins, gamers require visiting fifa 18 companion often.


Twenty-three on the most thrilling transfers along with loans from roller coaster of a summer season transfer window in 2017 now come out as some of the most worthy players to have in FUT 18 squad. When the players operate properly in actual life, their unique active items are to have a ranking enhancement. One of the most professional and renowned coin seller, legit fifa coin sites presents fut 18 coins inside the most affordable expense to begin procuring the most effective offered players to produce a excellent FUT 18.

Neymar comes out because the costliest transfers in the olden occasions of football. The movement of Neymar to Paris Saint-German seized the entire footballing world discussion. His class is already displayed in Ligue 1 and starting to make a devastating partnership with PSG teammates. They may be Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappé. The skill of Brazil, flair and invading strength convert him into an equal lethal weapon in FUT squad. Leonardo Bonucci capped off seven seasons at Juventus with big accomplishment in Italy and Europe. The fellow Serie A giants AC Milan signed the threatening Italian center back this summer. Bonucci comes out as one of several most terrorized defenders in the world because of his distinctive blending of ruthless handling and fashionable passing capability.

Romelu Lukaku seems because the most prosperous of his 4 seasons with Everton. The prolific Belgian forward made a transfer to Manchester United this summer season and it kept continuing his good scoring record by generating five objectives in his initial 5 league matches for his new club. Primarily based on a powerful team about him and solution to take component in Europe, Lukaku was to smash all sorts of records this season. Acquire
cheap and safe fifa 18 coins now.

James Rodriguez as the explosive playmaker came out for the thirty-two times for True Madrid throughout their trophy-laden 2016-17 campaign. Furthermore, now the Columbian is fixed to impress in the Bundesliga this season upon his loan to Bayern Munich. Slick passing capability and method make him really versatile. There is certainly no doubt that he is to be located upon the screensheet often for both assists and targets. Alexandre Lacazette comes out with Lyon considering the fact that he became seven years old. The functionality in speedy forward in Ligue 1 gained him a massive move to Arsenal FC along with the English Premier League this year. The French International goes based on strategy as he turns out to become a significant scorer of this profession in the season. Lacazette appeared without the need of any indication of decreasing when he produced his 1st score of Arsenal within two minutes of his competitive debut.

The other player is Alvaro Morata. Alvaro comes back to Genuine Madrid for any single season just after two years at Juventus. Morata departed from his hometown for any second time this summer to take part with Chelsea FC. The Spaniard comes out as on the list of most finishing and talented forwards around the world even though blending his broader physical presence and deft touch in front of target. Purchase fut 18 coins from  fifa coins trusted websites now. The other players are Kyle Walker, Ederson, Mohamed Salah, Kylian Mbappé, Douglas Costa, Federico Bernardeschi, Gylfi Siguresson, and much more.

128tick Comes: CSGO Official Battle Platform Opens the Test

One-key set instantly enhance the feeling when playing CSGO

Platform data and the official data can be checked at any time,
картинки CS:GO as well as automatically generated report after the game so that you will know the enemy clearly.

Smartly recording the screen and one-key share
Platform built-in “perfect moment” video recording function, intelligently capture super god lens in the game, produce your personal highlights in 10s, one-key share more applause. Each kill are not missed, with minimalist editing operation, everyone is video production experts in CSGO.

Multi – event participation
A variety of regular official events will be held on perfect battle platform, from individual competition to the clan competition, from the classic rules to the data Competition, every day will have competition, and every week also will have reward, and there is no threshold for registration, and will give you stage to show strength. As you wish, this month there are four exciting events about to start, 1V1 gun boxing, headshot masters, ladder masters and 5V5 elite match! In the time limit it can be free to register at any time, your muzzle is already restless? To prove yourself in the most direct way!

GG juststars
Disagree with solo? ксго реферальные сайты Winner is the king! GG Ramen will be staged in the official community map “1V1 just match” passionately, the enemy you kill in this mode during the game will be included in the list, and the top one player will get the related championship and rich rewards.

Elite match
CS: GO is not a person’s game, with the team you are invincible. Group of your team to participate in the S1 elite match, experience the team competition, more reward for the top team to pick!

CSGO Official Battle Platform Opens the Test from 16, June, 2017, during which you are able to win more rewards and prizes.