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Although some universities do not explicitly ask for you to have done some work experience, it can greatly help your application. On top of this, it will give a more realistic view of what being in medicine is really like.

Depending on the NHS trust in your area, you may be able to get work experience by going through the trust. In our case there is a form to fill out but this comes with a very long waiting list so try and get work experience as soon as possible.

I struggled to find any placements for the work experience week in school as it was quite short notice. Luckily, a family friend works for the NHS and managed to arrange something. I cannot push enough that if you know anyone with a link to hospitals, doctors surgeries, research labs or anywhere else that could benefit your application, ask them as this might be your way in!

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Last week,  our school arranged for us to attend the Tyneside UCAS exhibition, one of many that takes place across the country. Within the exhibition there were over 100 stalls, each having representatives from a number of universities, apprenticeship schemes and other higher educational courses.

Although not solely focused upon medicine, we were able to ask the exhibitors many questions related to this course and developed our understanding of what each university has to offer. This experience has ensured that we have a more informed choice when applying to university, for example, we were both considering Manchester University, unaware that the medicine course had a Problem Based Learning (PBL) structure; a system of learning that we prefer less.

From this experience we are able to highlight the importance of attending such events, and making sure you ask any question you may have about the university you apply to. Otherwise, a question that could change your perspective on a university, has the potential to go unanswered.

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Our First Blog

Hello readers!

We are Dan and Karina, two sixth form students hoping to study medicine in the future. Both of us are studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics in our first year of A-levels and we’ve decided to make this blog to share our experiences related to applying to medical school.

In this blog, we hope to make regular posts, both individually and collaboratively. These posts could be about anything from our personal experiences in the world of medicine, to discussions on any articles/news/books that have caught our interest.

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Dan and Karina