Last week,  our school arranged for us to attend the Tyneside UCAS exhibition, one of many that takes place across the country. Within the exhibition there were over 100 stalls, each having representatives from a number of universities, apprenticeship schemes and other higher educational courses.

Although not solely focused upon medicine, we were able to ask the exhibitors many questions related to this course and developed our understanding of what each university has to offer. This experience has ensured that we have a more informed choice when applying to university, for example, we were both considering Manchester University, unaware that the medicine course had a Problem Based Learning (PBL) structure; a system of learning that we prefer less.

From this experience we are able to highlight the importance of attending such events, and making sure you ask any question you may have about the university you apply to. Otherwise, a question that could change your perspective on a university, has the potential to go unanswered.

Thanks for now,

Dan and Karina

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