Flies can still function even when decapitated

I found an interesting clip of a decapitated fly which could still function, which was new to me. An insect’s body is controlled by many ‘segmental ganglia’ in the abdomen and thorax, as opposed to it being entirely controlled by the brain. This means a fly or other similar invertebrate could live entirely without a head until it eventually died of starvation.

My dad backhanded a fly and it’s head fell off. from WTF

Success For Vaccinations

Recently Italy has announced that unvaccinated children have been banned from accessing school under the age of 6, and the parents of those over the age of 6 will be required to pay a fine. This is in the midst of a severe measles outbreak due to the anti-vaccine movement.


Pushing Boundaries

I have recently been searching for several local hospices or hospitals to volunteer in, I’m hoping that this will provide me with a greater understanding of what these environments may be like, and the experience will help me further my CV and assist in future endeavors.