Easter Update

There are several things I would quickly like to talk about that have had recently or I feel it would be valuable to share. Firstly, lots of the people I’ve talked to; from attending medlink and people at the UCAS convention really stress how vital it is to be committed to the medical profession and studying.  Up until now, I don’t believe I’ve demonstrated my commitment and would like to start by talking about my swimming Career

Up until the age of 15, I swam for the Warriors of Warrington, and I swam competitively for upwards of 7 years. Swimming was something that I really enjoyed but to develop and continue to progress, commitment was absolutely vital. I use to train 6 times a week including 4 early mornings sessions and 1 land training session. Waking up at 4:30 Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings not only heavily impedes trying to have a social life, but is also very exhausting and takes a lot of commitment. I trained like this for about 4 years whilst in the development programme with the Warriors. Swimming is a very challenging sport and in my opinion, mirrors many of the obstacles faced by doctors; long arduous hours, little recognition for the work you put in and having to overcome difficult situations very frequently. I swam in competitions all around the country and won many medals over this time period. Eventually I left the sport because the lack of progress and my times not improving was very demoralising especially after months of hard preparation.

Another thing I wanted to mentioned that this week my college held elections for the College Council. Each candidate gave a speech 1 minute in length and then it was for others to vote. Thankfully, I was elected to the college Council and will begin work with the Council next September when the current council leaves for University. At the moment we are shadowing the current Council and learning what roles are available. I am thinking of putting my self forward for the Education Coordinator or the Equality and Diversity Coordinator because I believe both of these positions will be very interesting. Last Thursday, I and some other members of the Council took part in a litter pick with Warrington borough Councillor for Latchford West, Maureen McLaughlin, some other members of the Warrington council and local people in the area. I am looking forward to other tasks as part of the council and all the opportunities it has opened for me.

Another thing I did recently was win the U20s Conference B Basketball Final at the Ball Hall in Latchford. The game was quite low scoring and unfortunately due to nerves I was unable to score. I played quite well and the game was quite fast paced. We were up against a strong team with plenty of substitutes and we only had five players due to some being injured or having other commitments. At the end one of our players was injured and we went down to 4 but managed to hold on to win 13-18 only allowing them to score one basket in the second half. We had a very strong season this year and are looking forward to promotion and playing in Conference A. Basketball has taught me how crucial it is to work in a team. It ha also shown me that a lot of the qualities that make some one excellent in the clinical field are very interlinked and only they can only be developed together. Communication and leadership are fundamental parts of team work. I am hoping that my time on the college council will really help me to develop my leadership ability.

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