Nuffield and PolioVirus to treat Cancer?

Several Weeks ago I applied for a work placement involving biomedical Sciences with the Nuffield Foundation. Yesterday fortunately, I heard back from the foundation and they are happy to offer me a placement. As someone with out any family members practising in a clinical or biomedical profession this was very relieving as I have found it especially difficult finding places that would offer me experience. The Nuffield placement is well respected and I aim to do a 4-6 week placement this Summer after I travel to Tanzania for two weeks with GapMedics.

There was something else I also wanted to talk about recently which was using polio to potentially treat Brain Cancer. Researchers at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain tumour Centre and Duke University medical school have recently attempted using Polio to treat brain Cancer.

PVS-Ripo is a geneticall engineered strain of the Poliovirus. The ability to treat cancer using the poliovirus has come about due to recent advancements in genetic engineering capabilities. A piece of genetic code present in the poliovirus genome which is responsible for causing most of the symptoms associated to a polio infection has been removed significantly reducing the risk posed by the poliovirus to human Life. PVS-Ripo infects almost all Cancer cells because the receptors it uses to gain access to Cells are present on almost all Cancerous cells. The virus poses little or no harm to human cells because its ability to grow and reproduce relies on biochemical abnormalities which are present only in Cancerous cells.

The virus is fused into the cancerous organ to ensure the majority of Viral bodies enter directly into the tumour. Duke University also state that our own immune system is fundamental for reducing the growth of tumours. Our own immune syMRIs-from-PV(3)stem is capable of detecting viral infections and upon viral infection it is likely our own immune system will support with killing cancerous cells.  All clinical trials conducted using both human patients and closely related sapiens have indicated very positive results.


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