work experience 1: Northwick Park Hospital

So i recently had work experience in northwick park hospital, along with my twin sister who also wants to do medicine. we were lucky enough to work there for a week, and although there was initially a mix up in the department we were supposed to stay in, we ended up in ENT (ears, nose and throat). It was very interesting seeing how the doctors and consultants interacted with the patients, and my eyes have really been opened with how important the relationship between the two are. I saw many patients who had problems with their breathing, and many patients had tracheostomys (if you dont know what that is, check out this link:

I was also able to witness a live endoscopy of the throat, which was used to help diagnose a lady and see if she was swollen.

As well as shadowing consultants, i was able to shadow junior doctors up in the ENT ward, as well as look at permanent patients. This was really interesting, and one of the junior doctors gave me some great tips and advice on interveiws, as he had previously gone to Imperial. Seeing some of the patients however, was quite difficult. May had various breathing problems, so could not talk. There was one patient who couldnt speak English and refused to communicate, wash or move. It was sad to see and she looked quite alone and confused however the doctors and nurses did a brilliant job of taking care of her despite the language barrier.

Overall my experience at Norwick Park Hospital was very good and enlightening. I was able to speak to doctors and consultants, as well as see for my own eyes how fast paced hospitals can be. You really have to be on your feet and although its tiring, its really exhilirating!


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