Medicine Masterclass – Cambridge

For me, yesterday was a truly inspiring day. I attended the Cambridge masterclass for Chemistry (natural sciences) in November, and can honestly say while an interesting day it proved that Chemistry is definitely not what I want to pursue. The recent medicine day however contributed greatly to my desire to be a doctor, with 3 medicine based lectures. It was entirely useful as it gave a quick taster of the ‘science’ aspect of medicine, what information lectures may contain and even how to approach studying medicine.

Lecture 1: How blood goes around the body (Dr Dunecan Massey)

Lecture 2: Nature’s medicine cabinet: from root to remedy (Sonja Dunbar)

Lecture 3: Pain and lessons from the naked mole rat (Dr Ewan St. John Smith)

We experienced 3 scientific lectures and an admissions lecture. While the day was a little daunting as I went alone, it was easy to meet likeminded individuals and learn about why they want to study medicine, alongside what they thought of their work experience. I also found the Q&A sessions with students useful in asking the ‘real’ questions and hearing the honest answers from people with first hand experience of the process. What did I learn from the day? While a lot about naked mole rats and intestines and the interesting aspects of botany, these were not the most significant aspects. It confirmed that I will happily walk into a day of lectures on medicine, and that it is truly a career I am interested in. Not only because of the people I will meet but because of the science behind it. Having the knowledge to be able to improve and save lives is an incredible opportunity and one I’m certain that as a future doctor, I will cherish.

I recommend the Cambridge Masterclasses to any student considering medicine or Cambridge, as they are an incredible opportunity to experience both the course and the city. I think the University has an incredible and unique teaching style, and it is definitely one I would to to consider further in the future. I am hoping to decipher the notes I made in the lectures and blog them in the future, so keep a look out!

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