Choose The Right Small Home Elevator

At present, the price of مصعد صغير للمنزل is roughly divided into three large blocks, 100,000 down. The price of small household elevators is within this range. If it is installed in the home, although it can save some money, you have to think twice, is it safe? Is the product quality qualified and is the service life of the elevator guaranteed? Within 100,000, you must include equipment, installation, transportation, invoices, and profits earned. Do you think the products will be guaranteed?

In our small home elevator households, in order to facilitate the convenience of going up and down, in addition to installing escalators, a good elevator can bring more help, and if you want to buy a small home elevator, buy a good quality. It is necessary to use products with good effects and high safety. Some small foreign elevator manufacturers abroad have more experience, and the products tend to be better. Therefore, Xiaobian today recommends several very good imported small home elevator brands for everyone, so that you need to buy small in the future. When you use a home elevator, you can buy it better and buy a better product. Which is a small household elevator? Nowadays, when people decorate villas, many people choose to use home elevators, but it is not very clear about which brand of home elevators to choose. Every year, many professional staff will do statistical work in this area. From the latest brand rankings of small household elevators, the following brands are quite good.

When you choose a small home elevator, in order to be able to buy a better small home elevator, everyone will choose a good brand of business, and these small home elevator brands recommended by everyone are very well-known businesses, products The quality is very guaranteed. And these brands of small home elevators are using very advanced technology, effectively ensuring the use of the product and a safe use experience, can bring us very good results. I hope that the above introduction can be a good reference for everyone, so that the residents of our living villas can buy a small home elevator suitable for their own use. Small home elevators are a very common electrical appliance in real life. Today, elevators are widely used and used in many places, including those in which people live today, as well as elevators.

The Function Of Small Home Elevator

Everyone is familiar with the elevator. In fact, the elevator is a vertical elevator driven by an electric motor. They are equipped with box-shaped pods for transporting people or goods in multi-story buildings. What should I pay attention to when installing a مصعد صغير للمنزل? The following will help you summarize your common sense.
One. Azimuth and space of the shaft: The azimuth space of the shaft determines the size of the elevator and the door. It is a good idea to install an elevator in the center of the stairs and combine it with the stairs.
1. The center of the stairs, the corners of the stairs, and the outside of the stairs can be used.
2. The width of the hoistway is opposite to the width of the opening, and the height of the car is opposite to the height of the top.
3. The recommended load is 3-4 people, 225-320kg, and the car scale is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The relative load in the area can be greater than the passenger ladder, increasing comfort.
two. The determination of style: mainly considers the outstanding environment and personal preference, and secondly considers the cost and difficulty.
1. Close the hoistway belt to close the car, visit the hoistway with a visitor car, you can visit on three sides or partial visits, and advocate the installation of glazing on the door.
2. The shape of the car varies. Ability to apply rectangle, circle, and combination types. An active folding door that advocates the use of clear materials.
3. Due to the large number of elevator components, it is not easy to use bright glass in a family visit elevator.
three. Functional and safety measures for small home elevators. Small household elevator users lack professional knowledge of elevators, no special elevator service personnel, safety can not be reduced, it is best to equip according to elevator specifications.
1. There are generally two ways to open the door. Active and manual doors. It is necessary to have an electromechanical interlocking function for the active door and the manual door to avoid opening the door and opening the door without the floor door.
2. Small household elevators on the second floor of foreign countries do not have wells and doors. However, it is necessary to have safety measures to avoid shear bumps.
3. In some villas, the elevator is planned to manually open the plane door. There is no door in the car. It is then necessary to install a light curtain door to avoid the risk of conflict, bumps and kneading.
4. It is advisable to connect the local extension to the car in case someone has trouble and seek assistance.
four. Car plane placement and shape: In order to save area, reasonable placement is required, double-sided active door is adopted, and the reset side scheme is compared. The shaft has a width of 1200 mm, which corresponds to a car width of 850 mm and a door width of 700 mm.
1. The preferred U-shaped stairwell hollow space for installing small home elevators. Steel structure well, light transmission planning.
2. If it is a circular staircase with a circular elevator, it will be more beautiful. There are two types, one is a semi-arc car with a flat active door, and the other is a curved car with a curved active door.
The above summarizes the common sense about small home elevators, and trusts you to learn a lot of common sense after watching. In fact, these common senses are very useful to many unfamiliar people and installers, so let’s take a look.

The Price Of Screw Elevators Grows

Now that China’s economy is booming, more and more villa owners and high-rise duplex owners will choose سعر المصعد المسمار installed at home to meet the needs of moving goods or old people and children up and down the building, and improve the quality of life.

The price has become the primary factor for all owners to pay attention to the purchase of home elevators. The price factors affecting the screw elevator often have the following aspects:

First, the origin of the elevator

The price of imported elevators and domestic screw elevators is different because the materials, safety performance and production standards used by the elevators are different.

Second, the brand of the elevator

The price of the screw elevator brand is different from other products in the low-end, mid-end and high-end three grades.

Third, the elevator drive system

At present, household elevators are divided into three categories: hydraulic, traction, and screw elevators. At present, the price of screw elevators is higher than that of the other two elevators.

Fourth, the elevator stops at the landing

The number of landings is higher than the cost of short, because the more the number of landings, the more complex the structure of the elevator, and the increased cost leads to an increase in the price of the screw elevator.

Fifth, elevator size

Different sizes of elevators have different floor space, and the required material size and structural design can not be the same. The size of the elevator is also one of the factors affecting the price of the elevator. Of course, the larger the size, the more expensive the price, sometimes because of the size of the space. The limit, the smaller the size, the more expensive the elevator will be.

Sixth, elevator configuration options

When designing different brands of elevators, in order to meet the requirements of different home environments, some options will be set up. More options will be set in the materials, appearance and functions to facilitate customer selection. Of course, the price of the matching items is generally higher than the standard. The price is higher.

Choosing the price of a suitable screw elevator can add more convenience to your home life. Choose a high-end home elevator to make your home life more enjoyable. On the basis of considering economic conditions, it is the purpose of home elevators to use peace of mind and comfort.

How To Deal With The Failure Of The Screw Elevator

When an abnormal phenomenon or malfunction occurs in the برغي مصعد, it should be kept calm. You can call the rescue call in the car. You must not slam the door in an attempt to escape the car.

In order to provide the level of property management and prevent people who are not responsible for their duties from easily entering and using elevators, and at the same time achieving the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, an elevator with an IC/ID card to control the person who is responsible for the service is required to enter and exit the special designated floor. Smart elevator. The intelligent elevator has a fire-fighting signal input interface. When the passive dry contact fire-fighting switch signal starts to work, the IC card elevator system does not work, and the elevator is restored to the original situation, so that the rescuer without the IC/ID card can serve as a service person according to the demand. Use the elevator.

Elevators must be provided for homes with a height of more than 16m from the seven-story and seven-story homes or on the entrance floor of the household.

The function of the screw elevator electric drive system is to provide power and implement elevator speed control. The electric drive system consists of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed control device.

Intelligent screw elevator call control system: By controlling the call button on each floor of the elevator, only the IC card entrusted by the management center and swiping the card can call the elevator to the floor, and other IC cards with no power commission or no There is no way for the person in charge of the service to call the elevator. This method is relatively simple, the button in the elevator is not controlled, and after entering the elevator, you can pick no matter what layer.

Screw Elevator Demand Growth Is Fast

With the increasing competition in the screw elevator industry, M&A integration and capital operation among large-scale screw elevator enterprises are becoming more and more frequent. Domestic excellent screw elevator manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially the trend of enterprise development environment and customer demand. In-depth study of change. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent screw elevator brands have risen rapidly and gradually become the leader in the screw elevator industry!

When the household برغي مصعد is stopped, the operator should stop the car at the base station and disconnect all the switches on the operating panel to close the door. In case of power failure notice, stop the screw elevator in advance.

The rapid development of the economy and the continuous advancement of urbanization are the main driving forces for the growth of demand for screw elevators. Historical data regression analysis shows that real estate investment is highly correlated with screw elevator demand.

Price Factors Affecting Screw Elevators

Screw elevators are highly customized products. The same brand of elevators has different requirements for size, station level, door opening method and other aspects. The price may vary from several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands. Before installing the elevator at home, before we understand the price, we first need to make a simple understanding of the factors that determine the price of the product.

Determine the سعر المصعد المسمار:

First, the grade of the screw elevator

Like a sedan, the screw elevators are also of high, medium and low quality. Different grades of elevators are mainly reflected in the differences in drive system, material, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, and quality.

Third, the screw elevator shaft

Each brand of screw elevators is divided into self-contained or non-hoisted roads according to different models. The price difference is not directly related. Similarly, the price difference between platform elevators and car-type elevators is not determined by this. The elevators of the platform elevator manufacturers will also be much more expensive than the traditional car-type elevators, with prices ranging from 2 to 100,000 yuan. It is important to choose the right elevator shaft production based on demand and site conditions.

Fourth, the number of station layers of the screw elevator

Screw elevators, the more stations, the higher the price. For each additional layer of different drive systems, the corresponding increase in cost is also different, and the price increases by about 1-10 million yuan.

Five, personalized customization requirements

Like the sedan, the screw elevator has standard and optional, including color customization, whether it is equipped with sightseeing glass, etc. If our personalization requirements are relatively high, the price will increase from several thousand to several tens of thousands.

What Factors Affect The Price Of The Screw Elevator?

The use of elevators at home has become popular nowadays. Especially when there are elderly children in the family, it is not very convenient to go up and down the building. The use of a screw elevator can solve a lot of inconvenience. The price of the screw elevator does not have a special fixed and unified answer. Actual purchase and use should also be seen in the market to determine the cost-effectiveness of the screw elevator purchased.

A home elevator is an elevator that is installed in a private home and is intended for use by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building that is not used in a single home, as a tool for a single family to enter its home, but not accessible to the public or other occupants in the building. The rated speed of the household elevator does not exceed 0.4m/s. For the elevator with no car door, the rated speed does not exceed 0.3m/s, the car stroke does not exceed 12m, and the rated load is not more than 400KG. Mainly divided into traction elevator, screw elevator, hydraulic elevator several structures.

Hydraulic Drive: Hydraulic Home Elevator is a traditional home elevator design that is used extensively in North America and Europe. However, because the oil spill pollutes the environment, the operation noise is too loud, and a lot of power is wasted, it is not in line with the development concept of environmental protection and energy saving in the modern elevator industry, such as passenger hydraulic elevators, and people are gradually being phased out, and have been in the world for more than a decade. In the scope, its sales volume has dropped sharply, accounting for less than 3%, and most of them are used for freight elevators or special elevators with large tonnage. Traction drive: The inorganic room traction villa elevator is being used by people because of environmental protection and energy saving and saving building space. Like the passenger elevator, according to the report of “World Elevator” magazine, the machine room elevator will occupy the world in 2010. 80% of elevator sales. The screw elevator adopts the driving structure of the nut screw, and also belongs to the machine room-less elevator. Due to the structural safety, there is no bottom pit, no counterweight, no car, self-contained shaft, space utilization, can be used in villas and duplexes, in the European household market. It has been popular for nearly 40 years.

The factors affecting the سعر المصعد المسمار elevator are not too small, such as brand, specification, place of sale, time, etc. The specific cost needs to be fully considered for the average family. Try to use the well-known products produced by large manufacturers as the first choice, and all aspects are more secure.

The Price Of Installing And Maintaining The Screw Elevator

Screw elevators have become an indispensable tool in everyone’s life. It has brought us a lot of convenience. The installation of screw elevators is very cumbersome, and there are also safety-approved approvals. Process, then what is the price of screw elevators in general? This is a problem that many people are more concerned about. In fact, the device itself is only part of the cost. In addition, there are installation costs and maintenance costs. Then let’s take a look at the related issues!

How much is the screw elevator? The cost of the screw elevator

The quality of the screw elevator is different. It is divided into three grades: high, medium and low. Different grades have different prices. Household appliances with different grades have many differences in drive system, material, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, and quality. The current economical screw elevator needs to be around 130,000 yuan, while the slightly more comfortable one is about 180,000 yuan, and the high-end one is more than 200,000 yuan. Users can choose the right one for their own economic strength.

How much is the screw elevator?

The civil construction cost of the screw elevator mainly includes the cost of the construction of the hoistway and the excavation of the pit. The amount of this cost is directly related to the type of driving of the screw elevator and whether the product has its own integrated hoistway. Take the hydraulic and traction type. Usually, it is necessary to build a shaft, and it is necessary to dig the pit. Now the integrated shaft can reduce the cost of the tunnel. However, if it is not, it needs to be dug. . There is also a screw-type screw elevator imported from abroad, the technology is quite advanced, and it has its own well and does not need to be dug.

How much is the screw elevator? The installation cost of the screw elevator

The installation cost of the screw elevator is closely related to the drive. The screw elevator drive is different and the structure is different. The structure is complicated, the installation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the corresponding cost is relatively high. Three types of drives, from complex to simple, hydraulic, traction, and screw. The cost is lower for the screw type. The second is the level of the floor, the natural floor is high, the installation cost is also relatively high, adding one layer, the cost difference is also different.

The installation of screw elevators needs to be viewed from the above aspects. Users can start from their actual needs, ask professional staff to help recommend and recommend the right screw elevator. When installing, you need to introduce several from the above. In terms of cost, after comprehensive comparison, choose the most cost-effective installation plan. Otse is a manufacturer specializing in screw lift platforms and screw lifts. The advanced screw drive structure makes screw elevator installation easier and safer.

The above is about the سعر المصعد المسمار. Under normal circumstances, the Otse screw elevator is still a little cheaper than the commercial screw elevator. Whether it is on the maintenance or other aspects of the installation, we need to install the screw elevator. In several aspects, the general situation will still choose to ask professional personnel to carry out the installation operation. Then, for his expenses, first of all, we have to carry out a budget, and comprehensively select the one with the most cost-effective solution for implementation. I hope that the introduction of Xiaobian can Give you some help and reference.

The Price Calculation Of The Screw Elevator

At present, in the entire screw elevator market, there are more brands, and the سعر المصعد المسمار are different for different brands. For this reason, for the user, how to choose a screw elevator and clarify the price factor of the screw elevator is relatively important. Because only in this way, we can combine our own needs, comprehensive considerations, and then choose the screw elevator that suits our needs, functions and prices. For related factors, it should be comprehensively analyzed from many aspects. The following analysis of the relevant factors one by one, I hope to help users.

Need to clarify the basic level of screw elevators, like other products sold in the market, screw elevators are also divided into multiple levels, mainly divided into high-level, medium-level, low-level, different levels, the biggest difference is that the corresponding The driving is different, the specific materials, production process, specific performance and comfort are different. High-level screw elevators are relatively expensive, but have high durability and related performance. In addition, it should be considered from the drive system. The drive system is the core component of the entire screw elevator, which plays a decisive role in the performance and quality of the screw elevator. The main driving methods include hydraulic, screw, traction, etc. Different driving methods, the price of the screw elevator will naturally be different.

It is also necessary to consider from the hoistway. Different types of screw elevators have different requirements for the screw elevator shaft. For this reason, when purchasing, it should be clear whether the self-contained hoistway, as the name suggests, with the well road, the sales price is naturally higher. The more the number of screw elevators purchased, the higher the price will be when the price is quoted. Of course, for some screw elevators that require individual customization, the relevant costs will be calculated together when calculating the price of the screw elevator.

Screw Elevator Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

  1. Value-added enjoyment: According to the survey, installing a screw elevator can increase the value of the house by at least 10%. This is beyond doubt.

    2, comfortable operation: screw elevator will bring you a new safe and comfortable ride experience, no need to go to work up and down the stairs, but also bring convenience to your family’s upper and lower buildings. The soft drive technology ensures that the elevator starts and stops quietly and smoothly. The whole process is accompanied by comfort, so that you can hardly feel the operation of the car and gently send you to the destination. This safe and comfortable running experience makes you have to choose.

    3, tailor-made: برغي مصعد car decoration with home improvement materials, highly matching home decoration style. Provide warm, generous, unique and quality wood finishes. Let you really taste the home life, not the home decoration, let you feel that the elevator is part of the home decoration, is part of the whole family, is part of our life.

    4. Convenient installation: The screw elevator has very flexible requirements for civil works. Whether it is installed in the civil construction stage or installed in the existing house, it can bring you the best screw elevator enjoyment, so you don’t have to worry about whether the installation is troublesome.

    5, environmental protection and energy saving: gearless technology greatly reduces the energy consumption of traditional elevators, saves electricity and energy, and the operating power is less than a microwave oven, so that you can feel the convenience and comfort of the elevator, and experience the feeling of energy saving and environmental protection.