How To Get The Price Of Screw Elevator

When you consider installing a screw elevator for your villa, the first question you ask when consulting a screw elevator manufacturer or dealer is usually “Buy a سعر المصعد المسمار?” Usually, it is difficult to get a Very exact price response, very few companies will disclose how much their screw elevators are priced.

This is precisely because screw elevators are not like a standard household appliance or ordinary furniture. Most of the screw elevators are manufactured and customized according to the requirements of the villa owners (such as color, size and configuration, etc.). . Any small change may affect the price of the entire screw elevator.

What are the price factors affecting screw elevators? Mainly include screw elevator brand, floor height, function, configuration, screw elevator landing and whether it includes hoistway or screw elevator door, installation cost, etc. Take a three-layer screw elevator as an example. From domestic brands to imported brands, the price ranges from 10 million yuan to 300,000 yuan. It can be said that the difference is very large and cannot be generalized, but customers can focus on safety. Consider it. After the screw elevator is purchased and installed, the daily use and maintenance costs should also be taken into account. In the daily maintenance and use costs, in the hydraulic, traction and screw type three screw elevators, the daily maintenance and maintenance cost of the screw screw elevator is relatively low.

When you get a low-cost screw elevator offer, don’t worry about making the final decision before you see the real prototype of the product. Purchasing screw elevators should not pay too much attention to appearance and price and ignore the core connotation of technical safety, comfort and humanity. It is best to try the screw elevator in person and feel the material and workmanship of the screw elevator and the comfort of riding.

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