The Price Level Of Different Screw Elevators

Household screw elevators are highly customized products. The same brand of elevators has different requirements for size, station level, door opening method and other aspects. The price may vary from several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands. Before installing the elevator at home, before we understand the price, we first need to make a simple understanding of the factors that determine the price of the product.

Deciding the سعر المصعد المسمار:

First, the grade of the household screw elevator

Like a sedan, the home screw elevators are also of high quality, medium and low quality. Different grades of elevators are mainly reflected in the differences in drive system, material, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, and quality. In general, imported elevators are superior to domestic elevators in all aspects. Different grades of household screw elevators can be clearly seen by looking at the physical pictures.

Second, the drive system of the household screw elevator

The drive system of the elevator is very similar to the engine of the car. It is the core component of the elevator and directly determines the performance and quality of the product. Hydraulic, traction and screw are the three driving methods currently used in household screw elevators.

Third, the domestic screw elevator hoistway

Each brand of household screw elevators is divided into self-contained or non-hoisted roads according to different models. The price difference is not directly related. Similarly, the price difference between platform elevators and car-type elevators is not determined by this. The elevators of professional platform elevator manufacturers will also be much more expensive than traditional car-type elevators, with prices ranging from 2 to 100,000 yuan.

Fourth, the number of station floors of the household screw elevator

Household screw elevators, the more stations, the higher the price. For each additional layer of different drive systems, the corresponding increase in cost is also different, and the price increases by about 1-10 million yuan.

Five, personalized customization requirements

Household screw elevators, like cars, are standard and optional, including color customization, sightseeing glass, etc. If our personalization requirements are relatively high, the price will increase from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. .

6. Is it a new building or an existing building?

In the case of existing buildings, the cost of custom elevators or even refurbishment of home screw elevators is substantially higher. In order to make the elevator well integrated with the building, it is important that the elevator contractor go to the site to determine the cost of renovation. Because of the different building structures, each building must be seen as an independent individual. The construction cost of the elevator is also different. This therefore directly affects the engineering cost of the elevator, which varies by several tens of thousands.


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