The Price Factor Of The Screw Elevator

The سعر المصعد المسمار ranges from domestic to imported, from general brands to well-known brands, and prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. However, the safety of screw elevators is very important. It is not recommended to buy tens of thousands of dollars of unknown elevators. The size standard of the screw elevator is to look at the size of the home environment, and the other is to see the number of users. If the home environment is limited, there are not many people to use, and people with more heavy loads can choose a larger elevator. The screw elevators are not in the sequence of regular inspections of the elevators. The steel structure is more expensive, but it is suitable for sightseeing elevators. The concrete is already quite good, and the actual screw price of the standard elevator shaft is 150 x 1500. The car is 800x deep and 1100x high at 2150, and the door opening is 700mm wide. Villa ladder: The size of the hoistway with a load of 400 kg or less is 1500mmX1500mm; the top layer is 2700mm

How much is the screw elevator? Different brands have different brand prices. At present, small-scale machine-room elevators generally have traction elevators and screw elevators. The traction elevators are connected to the two ends of the rope. And the counterweight is wound on the traction and the guide. The traction motor drives the traction through the speed change of the reducer, and the traction force is generated by the traction rope and the traction friction to realize the car up and down operation. The screw elevator drives the nut through the motor through the reducer (or belt), so that the screw runs along the nut to drive the platform or the car up and down. General villas can be installed in general elevators, the price is 10-15 million yuan, for reference only. The price of screw elevators has many influencing factors, usually between 100,000 and 200,000. When purchasing, pay attention to the relatively large number of screw elevator brands currently on the market, and when understanding the specific brands, then you should master the corresponding structure. The main structure, including the machine room, the hoistway and the corresponding mantle, should be understood.

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