How To Deal With The Failure Of The Screw Elevator

When an abnormal phenomenon or malfunction occurs in the برغي مصعد, it should be kept calm. You can call the rescue call in the car. You must not slam the door in an attempt to escape the car.

In order to provide the level of property management and prevent people who are not responsible for their duties from easily entering and using elevators, and at the same time achieving the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, an elevator with an IC/ID card to control the person who is responsible for the service is required to enter and exit the special designated floor. Smart elevator. The intelligent elevator has a fire-fighting signal input interface. When the passive dry contact fire-fighting switch signal starts to work, the IC card elevator system does not work, and the elevator is restored to the original situation, so that the rescuer without the IC/ID card can serve as a service person according to the demand. Use the elevator.

Elevators must be provided for homes with a height of more than 16m from the seven-story and seven-story homes or on the entrance floor of the household.

The function of the screw elevator electric drive system is to provide power and implement elevator speed control. The electric drive system consists of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed control device.

Intelligent screw elevator call control system: By controlling the call button on each floor of the elevator, only the IC card entrusted by the management center and swiping the card can call the elevator to the floor, and other IC cards with no power commission or no There is no way for the person in charge of the service to call the elevator. This method is relatively simple, the button in the elevator is not controlled, and after entering the elevator, you can pick no matter what layer.

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