The Price Of Screw Elevators Grows

Now that China’s economy is booming, more and more villa owners and high-rise duplex owners will choose سعر المصعد المسمار installed at home to meet the needs of moving goods or old people and children up and down the building, and improve the quality of life.

The price has become the primary factor for all owners to pay attention to the purchase of home elevators. The price factors affecting the screw elevator often have the following aspects:

First, the origin of the elevator

The price of imported elevators and domestic screw elevators is different because the materials, safety performance and production standards used by the elevators are different.

Second, the brand of the elevator

The price of the screw elevator brand is different from other products in the low-end, mid-end and high-end three grades.

Third, the elevator drive system

At present, household elevators are divided into three categories: hydraulic, traction, and screw elevators. At present, the price of screw elevators is higher than that of the other two elevators.

Fourth, the elevator stops at the landing

The number of landings is higher than the cost of short, because the more the number of landings, the more complex the structure of the elevator, and the increased cost leads to an increase in the price of the screw elevator.

Fifth, elevator size

Different sizes of elevators have different floor space, and the required material size and structural design can not be the same. The size of the elevator is also one of the factors affecting the price of the elevator. Of course, the larger the size, the more expensive the price, sometimes because of the size of the space. The limit, the smaller the size, the more expensive the elevator will be.

Sixth, elevator configuration options

When designing different brands of elevators, in order to meet the requirements of different home environments, some options will be set up. More options will be set in the materials, appearance and functions to facilitate customer selection. Of course, the price of the matching items is generally higher than the standard. The price is higher.

Choosing the price of a suitable screw elevator can add more convenience to your home life. Choose a high-end home elevator to make your home life more enjoyable. On the basis of considering economic conditions, it is the purpose of home elevators to use peace of mind and comfort.

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