Easy hairstyles for cool-girl hair

There’s only so many times you can get away with throwing your hair up into a messy topknot to switch up your look from office to night out. Good thing is, there’s a whole bunch of easy hairstyles out there just waiting for you to sink your hands into them.

And the best part is, you can have short, medium or long hair. Because we’ve found an easy hairstyle for every length. In fact, we’ve found several. So, whether you’re having a bad hair day or simply didn’t get around to washing it the night before, we’ve got the perfect style for you.

Our Beauty and Style Director Lisa Oxenham created 6 unique looks that work for different hair types and styles to give you cool girl hair in a flash.

Keep scrolling to find out our pick of the easiest ways to update your hairstyle for the new season…

The easiest way to create beachy waves
A perennial favourite for cool girl hair is the classic beachy wave. It’s so easy to style and works on all hair textures, except very curly hair. To create it yourself prep hair with Batiste Shield My Locks Heat Protecting Spray and wrap a 1-inch section round a wide barreled tong. You want it to look random and not too done so don’t tong in front of the mirror, this will help stop it looking symmetrical. Next, use your fingers to tease through the lengths of the hair to soften and secure in a low pony at the nape of the neck. Finish by wrapping with a flat length of gross grain ribbon and gently pulling out face framing fly aways. Spritz with Batiste Stylist Hold Me Hairspray for lightweight hold that doesn’t feel sticky but still manages to keep your hair in place all day.

The easiest way to make a ponytail look cool
The new breed of low ponytail is this season’s easy must-wear look. Reworked with a root lift and rought texture ‘it’s impossible not to love this style,’ says Mark Francome Painter. ‘It’s flattering on everyone and any hair length.’ And the best bit? ‘This ponytail takes the same amount of time to perfect as a regular one.’ Francome Painter recommends working with second-day hair and avoiding product overload. ‘You want to give strands guts, but still keep the look soft,’ he says. Massage roots in need of density and texture with Batiste XXL Plumping Powder for an instant thickening effect and leave locks to air dry for that fluffy finish. Then, blast Batiste Dry Shampoo through the crown for more volume. Next, make a centre parting and gather hair loosely at the nape of the neck, letting some strands fall out around the face. ‘Fastening the ponytail with something understated like a leather swatch gives attitude, while pulling out strands creates nonchalance,’ he explains. Secure with a hairband first before wrapping your chosen material around it until the bank is covered. Finish with a spritz of Batiste Stylist XXL Ooomph My Locks Volume Spray.

The easiest way to manage curly hair
One hairstylist bringing frizz, curls and fly-aways to the red carpet is Mark Francome Painter, using Batiste. ‘Texture like this creates a halo to frame the face and soften features,’ he says. ‘If your hair is already frizz-prone or curly, this is simply enhancing what you already have. Wake up with crazy hair, mattify oily roots and go with it!’ Hairstylist Mark Francome Painter created this airy look on flat hair by first dividing it into small sections with a pintail comb, then wrapping each section around a hair pin in a number eight motion, misting with a heat protector spray like Show Beauty Thermal Protect and then clamping tight with flat irons to lock in the shape. Once cooled, he unwound the hair, brushed it out and bulked up the volume with Batiste Boost It Up Plumping Powder, and a spritz of the range’s Dry Shampoo. ‘Use your fingertips to rub both products into strands to really frizz out the texture,’ advises Francome Painter.

Swarovski and Anna Dello Russo Host the Crystal Dinner

The mighty Anna Dello Russo feted the sale of a portion of her massive fashion archive in spectacular style. Being the ultimate skilled fashion editor turned businesswoman, she concocted an all-encompassing event: an auction–cum–fashion show (or, should we call it a #fashionshower?) followed by an opulent dinner, which also celebrated the launch of her new book, ADR Book: Beyond Fashion, available on Net-a-Porter, together with 150 pieces from her archive.

Dello Russo is an inspiration for self-reinvention if ever there was one—her archive is so prodigious, it could fill the Met’s vaults. After years of manic dedication to fashion, she decided to exit with a bang. And all for a good cause.

Partnering with cohost Nadja Swarovski, Dello Russo will grant the Swarovski Foundation scholarship program with the proceeds from last night’s auction, which was managed by Place Vendôme and Christie’s. Attended by a who’s who of the fashion industry including Diego Della Valle and Federico Marchetti, it was so successful and entertaining, it had the glamorous audience bidding furiously over 30 ADR archival pieces, modeled by a bevvy of stunning supermodels of the likes of Izabel Goulart, Caroline Vreeland, and Hailey Baldwin.

The auction fetched a hefty total of 147,000 euros; Dello Russo wanted the starting price to be a very democratic 50 euros, yet no fashion piece was obviously sold that cheap. The highest bid went to a Burberry by Christopher Bailey trenchcoat, accessorized with a coveted oversize Hermès Birkin bag, which fetched around 13,000 euros; a Gareth Pugh theatrical feathered mask/hat customized with Swarovski crystals for the occasion and a Prada black astrakhan ensemble were both sold for 12,000 euros.

In pure flamboyant ADR style, the dinner ended with the unveiling of a dessert buffet of such monumental proportions, it was a pastry chef’s dream come true. Towering cakes were topped by sugary renditions not only of her well-toned frame, but also an array of her favorite logo-ed bags and shoes. It looked fabulous—and tasted delicious.

Customizing The Prom Dress

Svart Spandex V-ringning Jacka Sweep släp KlänningarIn the process of selecting that unique prom dress for the party everyone is talking about, sometimes the expectations can be disappointing if the right graduation dress turns out to be a total downer. However, there are a few things that can assist in selecting cheap prom dresses you are going to love wearing for that one special night.

Since every girl has her special taste in colour, then shopping for the appropriate dress design becomes even more viable. First, use the favorite color creatively in imagining how different dress lengths can look on you. Once the image is clear in your mind and the thought of it alone is appealing, decide on the fabric you would like the graduation dress to be made of. When all the details of the dress are vivid and alive in the mind you may have your favorite seamstress have every measurement and instructions for designing the custom graduation dress. Alternatively, the only other way is to take a tour online and shop from the hundreds of cheap graduation dresses on display.

Remember to coordinate your prom shoes with your unique dress well; many prom goers are quite nave and green in dressing up for special occasions such as the graduation dance to make realistic choices when it comes to shoe-dress coordination. For instance satin special occasion dresses can be safely be worn together with silver shoes, or prom shoes which have been designed with a silver lining as shoe embroidery. On the other hand gold prom shoes are also quite glamorous shoes which are popular among the young people due to their universal nature.

Getting the best in prom attire is not as complicated as the majority of prom goers assume. Reputable wedding and special occasion fashion connoisseurs have some of the sweetest deals in graduation dresses, and at realistic prices; graduation dresses collection features graduation dresses as low as under one hundred US dollars while the prom shoes cost even less.