First ever Interview..

So today I got a call inviting me for an interview for a lifeguard job I applied for. I literally have no idea what to expect as I’ve never had to have an interview before. All sorts of worries are running through my head about the types of different questions they could ask me but I know that if I remain calm it’ll hopefully end up going okay.

This has just put into perspective what I’m going to have face next year with medical school interviews,if I will be fortunate enough to receive some. It has highlighted that I will most definitely need to prepare for them. However, this job interview will provide great experience regarding interview situations and what to expect. I am aware that they will in no way be exactly similar, but the format will be the same which will in the long term provide me with some comfort for future interviews. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Medlink Conference 2014

Two weeks ago today, I attended a four day Medlink conference at Nottingham university. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’ve done in my life so far. Getting the opportunity to experience university life on a campus, whilst learning so much vital information about my future career alongside useful tips and methods about how to stand out and secure a place at the highly competitive medical schools was definitely invaluable.

As well as this, we got to experience clinical skill sessions involving using a stethoscope, an ophthalmology practical which allowed us to examine each others eyes and ears, and we also were able to experience a patient contact situation, where we worked together asking the patient questions to try and identify their illness.This gave me an insight into how well you have to be able to communicate with people, and how communication between you and the patient is vital to gain information and then eventually diagnose them.

The stand out lecture for me was an optional one called ‘The Edge’ delivered by the most inspirational person I have ever met. He made me realise that there might be hurdles in my journey to becoming a doctor, but this doesn’t mean this will be the outcome and that there are certainly ways to overcome these and carry on achieving my dream. He shared information that will give us ‘the edge’ over other applicants to medical schools, hints about what we should be doing now to show commitment, tips about how to srtucture a personal statement to really impress, and above all else, he is a truly amazing speaker that can captivate an audience with included humour to present an inspirational lecture.

I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoyed and learnt from Medlink. The experience was so useful and the information I gained from the many speakers and the exhibition was invaluable and I’m so glad I took part in it. Going on my own, I was so nervous but I met so many people and made some true friendships that I will stay in contact with and potentially see again as either medical students or doctors. I can’t thank the Medlink team enough, and I WILL become a doctor!

Henford House

Henford House is the care home i have been volunteering at for about the past 9 months. Its such a lovely place for the elderly residents with many things for them to do to keep themselves busy.

Since I started visiting, I have made close bonds with a number of the residents there and even with the people that have only recently started living there. When I go they enjoy telling me their stories and we always end up having group discussions about the olden days, such as their childhoods and lives during the war. All of their stories are so interesting, and they always tell them with such passion it’s so nice to see. I love being able to help them out with their problems and knowing how much they appreciate all the little things makes everything even more worthwhile.

Each time I go, we do something different whether its just a simple quiz in the lounge area, cooking, craft activities or singing with musical instruments. One of the most memorable activities to date was when we made biscuits, and a number of the residents were able to get involved. The pleasure on their faces whilst rubbing in the flour and butter, I’ll always remember. Again, more stories arised of their previous cooking experiences, all their stories never fail to both make me laugh and fascinated. You wouldn’t expect it from the typical teenager nowadays, but I really love going to Henford house, interacting with the elderly people and hearing about their stories. If anyone is thinking about starting to volunteer at a local care home or something similar, i would thoroughly recommend it as a rewarding thing to do.



Well, its been ages since I last posted and it feels great to be back! Since my last post, I have completed my mocks achieving mostly grade A’s, have been continuing to volunteer at my local care home which I hope to post about in the near future and have been studying a lot in preparation for my 22 GCSE exams.


I was absolutely elated when I received my results last Thursday and did not expect the grades I achieved. I managed to get A* in Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, Geography and History, an A in English Literature and a B in English language. I was so pleased when I knew that all my hard work and months of revision had paid off, and pretty excited to begin the next chapter in my life at sixth form.

Recently I have began helping at the care home more regularly which I am really enjoying. Previously I have helped during trips down to a lake to allow the residents to feed the ducks, and also helped at a summer fate that the care home held in their grounds. I am keen to gain more experience now and have even started to look at universities which is both scary and exciting. Anyway I’m going to try and post regularly from now on to keep a log of my journey to medical school.



New year and mocks

I know I’m a little bit late but I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year! My holiday wasn’t much of a rest to be honest, more like an opportunity to revise, revise, revise. It wasn’t fun at the time, revision never is, but now I know all my hard work and determination has paid off because as of tomorrow, I start 2 weeks full of mock exams for every subject in which I feel strangely confident about.

The only thing that calms me down before entering the exam hall is knowing I’ve put the time in before to fully prepare myself, giving myself the best chance and knowing that I have tried my hardest. I don’t understand  how people can go into an exam without doing any revision or preparation at all, I would automatically fail.

Anyway, just a short post as things are rather hectic, I’m in the middle of writing my application for 6th form which is a scary prospect… Bit of a break from revision on Saturday as I am going to the care home again, one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It sounds strange but honestly it is a great experience and even though I have only been about 4 times, it is something I hope to do during the years to come. But for now, bring on these exams!


Medlink X Conference 2013

From looking at all the most recent blogs, they all seem to be new sites,created after attending the Medlink conference at Nottingham during year 12. As I am only in year 11, I am still hoping to attend this course next year as all the posts about this that I have recently read suggest it is a really useful course which would help me a lot in my journey.
Considering many people have just been to a Medlink conference, I though this would be a good time to write about my day in London at the Medlink X conference on 2nd February 2013.

I went with my friend, who is aspiring to be a vet, and both of our Dads, neither of us having a clue what to expect. One thing that shocked us both was the amount of people that were there! This actually made me realise that I would be in vast competition for a place at medical school and that I would have to stand out.

At the start of the day, everyone was told about GCSE/A level choices and then we learnt about the UCAS, UKCAT, and BMAT tests and also how to apply for medical school and in what ways we can make ourselves standout. These sessions were really interesting because I had no idea about the variety of tests I would have to take during the process of applying to medical school. The aspiring medics and vets were then split and we were given a talk about what the medical schools look for nowadays.

After our lunch break, there was a really eye opening forum session led by a medical student and a junior doctor. This made me want to realise my dream even more than I initially thought. Afterwards, the parents were separated from us to be informed about the financial aspect of Med School and how to support us in applying for medical schools whilst we got the chance to experience a slight aspect of a practical. In under 2 hours, I learnt all about the difference between a diagnosis and a prognosis and also the aetiology. The main part of the session was about the heart, I learnt about the 2 sounds the heart makes and how to use a stethoscope. It was really fascinating how you can hear someone else’s heart beating so clearly. Thinking about this day all the way back in February and being able to remember the things we learnt, I definitely know I will be capable of the surviving demanding life as a medical student.

This day really did confirm my idea of being a doctor. It is for definite what I want to do with my life, not for my job, because if I do become a doctor I don’t think I’ll ever have to work a day in my life; I would be doing what I love, science, but making a difference to people at the same time.

I am really hoping to attend the Medlink course in Nottingham next year after reading all the blog posts reviewing it. I can’t wait to attend the lectures and the many other amazing experiences that are going to be on offer over those few days.

Why am I here?

To be honest, I never thought I would write a blog in my life, but I’m here, beginning to start this blog about my passion for medicine today and my aspiration and journey to become a doctor.

For as long as I can remember, my aim in life (and my dream) has been to eventually become a doctor! I am well aware of all the time and effort required and also how competitive it is just to get into medical school. I now know of the importance to start gaining experience and other things such as awards or qualifications etc to make you stand out from many of the other applicants for medical school. I’m willing to try any little thing that will increase my chances of achieving this and I was advised at the Medlink X conference that writing this blog would help. Even if this blog supports me just a tiny bit in fulfilling my dream, then I am prepared to give it a shot!

What inspires me to be a doctor?
Well science fascinates me, how everything that happens in this world is something to do with science! I really enjoy chemistry and biology, and the fact that a doctor has to apply this knowledge on a daily basis as well as the major aspect of working with people all the time really excites me. I feel as if it is the right job for me; something I would enjoy, be good at and to be able to make a difference!

Currently, I am in year 11 and am studying to take my GCSEs in May/June.
In the past, i attended the Medlink X conference in London which was really useful and confirmed my idea of being a doctor – it was defiantly what I want to do with my life. I will later write a post about this day and what I have taken from it to help me nowadays.
I have also spent a day shadowing a doctor in my local GP surgery which was extremely interesting and changed my perception of these small surgerys. I will also write a post in the near future about this event.

Currently, I volunteer on a fortnightly basis at a carehome in my area. I spend time with the residents, both chatting with them and also helping during the activities that are run such as Christmas card making. I will continue to post about my volunteer work at the carehome and the events that go on here.

So, my first blog post! I think I could get used to this, it’s quite enjoyable actually.
But my mind is made up, I am going to do everything in my power to reach my ultimate goal of getting that doctor position and I’m going to share and post every step of my journey on this blog that it takes to get there!