During my time working in various hospitals, I have met many different healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, carers, psychiatrists and many more. AN important lesson which I have learnt is that in a healthcare environment all professionals are different parts to one big machine, and patient care would not be able to be fulfilled correctly if all the part didn’t work together.

I’ve spent time volunteering in a hospital specifically for the chronic disease for the elderly, many of which suffered from long term mental conditions as well as physical ones. In this ward nurses were a vital part not just of the patients recovery, but of their daily life.

The nurses spend their days with the patients, and get the oppurtunity to know the patients on an emotional and an further in depth level than doctors do, and their compassion and kindness was admirable. In many cases it was the nurses that were able to calm the patients rather than the medication. The nurses job was full time, not just shift to shift, and they would take time out of their breaks to talk to patients and be there for them not just as a carer but as a friend.

Nurses are a valued and under appreciated part of the NHS, who’s hard work and commitment to patient care is unmatchable .

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