The link between diet sodas and increased risk of stroke

According to new studies its been found that the “healthier ” option in regards to Fizzy drinks is actually leading to an increased risk of  strokes as well as heart disease and even early death. A study using data from ages 50 to 79 found having two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened beverage per day increased stroke risks by 23% and  increased the risk of heart disease by 29%, and 16% more likely to die form any cause whatsoever.

However the study also pointed out that these results are only an association not a cause and effect between drinking artificially sweetened beverages and increased health risks. Moreover the researchers don’t know which ingredient in the diet drinks are causing these adverse health effects.

In conclusion, these artificially flavored drinks aren’t doing you any flavors and you might as well ask for a normal coke with that steak and chips as apparently the the diet option really isn’t hat much better.



Obesity causing increased cancer rates on Millennials

A study published in the Lancet Public Health from the American cancer society who analyzed 20 years of data on cancer diagnoses in adults aged 25-84 and found surprisingly that there has been a large increase in cancer rates in people between 25 an 49, especially in types of cancer related to obesity.

Essentially the research found that our increased consumption of processed unhealthy food and our unhealthy lifestyles is not only causing obesity which on its own is harmful and is predicted to affect 50% of the male population in the UK by 2030 but could potentially also be increasing the likelihood of contracting cancer.

The cancers that are on the increase are colorectal, endometrical, gallbladder, kidney, pancreatic and multiple myeloma ( cancer of the plasma cells), these are cancers that typically show in 60-70 year olds but as a result of out terrible diets can effect people as young 25.

Now that obesity is not only a contributing factor in the development of type 2 diabetes but potentially different types of cancer as well should the problem of obesity be taken more seriously?

10/02/19 Skim milk vs whole milk: Which is actually healthier ?

Today I read an article about how Full fat dairy is making a comeback, even though it is more calorie dense and full of saturated fats. However, after recent research its been found that Full fat milk and dairy products could be healthier that skim milk alternatives.

In the article it explains that as more and more people opted for items like fat free or low fat yogurts , manufacturers started pumping their products with sugar and artificial ingredients to make them taste better. As a result a single pot of strawberry yogurt contained your entire daily sugar allowance.

Skim milk isn’t just full of sugars and artificial preservatives but they also deprive us of the health benefits of Full fat milk. The article explains that in recent studies its been found that kids who drink whole fat milk had higher blood levels of vitamin D, essential vitamin in the maintaining of healthy bones compared to their peers. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as conjugated linoleic acid, which is useful in the maintaining of a healthy weight and may help manage type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, a study following 18000 middle aged healthy women for over a decade found that the women who consumed full fat milk and dairy products were less likely to become overweight or obese compared to women who didn’t consume any full fat dairy products. So by trying to cut down on fat in hope of maintaining a healthy weight you are increasing your likelihood of actually becoming overweight.

After reading this article I might advise my parents to start buying full fat dairy products instead of the reduced fat alternatives.