The link between diet sodas and increased risk of stroke

According to new studies its been found that the “healthier ” option in regards to Fizzy drinks is actually leading to an increased risk of  strokes as well as heart disease and even early death. A study using data from ages 50 to 79 found having two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened beverage per day increased stroke risks by 23% and  increased the risk of heart disease by 29%, and 16% more likely to die form any cause whatsoever.

However the study also pointed out that these results are only an association not a cause and effect between drinking artificially sweetened beverages and increased health risks. Moreover the researchers don’t know which ingredient in the diet drinks are causing these adverse health effects.

In conclusion, these artificially flavored drinks aren’t doing you any flavors and you might as well ask for a normal coke with that steak and chips as apparently the the diet option really isn’t hat much better.



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