The Royal College of Anaesthetists

On Friday 1st February along with some other people from my school we were lucky enough to do an afternoon of workshops on anaesthetics at The Royal College of Anaesthetists, we learnt about the anaesthetics machine, resuscitation, ICU and airway management.

For the airway management we were allowed to try and do an endotracheal intubation on a dummy.  An endotracheal intubation is where a tube (ET tube) is placed into your trachea, this is achieved by using a laryngoscope:

The reason a laryngoscope is used is so that you are able to see the vocal cords in a persons throat which allows you to place the ET tube down the trachea instead of down the oesophegus more easily.  The ET tube needs to be placed 2cm in so that both the lungs can be inflated not only one.  Endotracheal Intubation looks like this:

The reason it is usually performed is because:

  1. It opens the airway so oxygen can be delivered as well as medication and anaesthesia
  2. It can protect the lungs in certain patients
  3. Helps to remove blockages from the airway


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