Live surgeries


Hi, today I was on YouTube when I came across a channel called ‘Brainbook’. I found it really useful to watch as the creator not only makes videos about medical school and the life as a doctor and surgeon, but also showed live surgeries including “external ventricular drain insertion” which I found really interesting to watch. I have seen a few videos prior to this of live surgeries however I have never seen neurosurgery so it was very different for me.

This channel was really useful to find as it showed me other sides of medicine that I had not considered pursuing before which could really help with my decision into which field of medicine I want to be in in the future.

I highly recommend this channel to other students looking to do medicine as I found it really useful and extremely interesting to watch the surgeries (I also recommend Buck Parker and Doctor Mike as they also show the practical sides of medicine within the field and skills that doctors and surgeons must acquire)

EDIT: Just as I posted this ‘Brainbook’ liked and replied to one of my comments asking for a video about how he got to where he is including medical school, work experience and more saying he would do, how cool!

Medlink conference


Hi, today I visited Medlink at Nottingham University which was really useful for me as I got to see many different University options and I got to learn more about the application process for medical students through a number of seminars and university held stands.  I even got to talk to current students which I found extremely helpful as I got a first hand account of what school can be like rather than just reading booklets about the school itself and not getting to know it’s environment. 

I really found they day useful and I got to make connections with other professionals that may help me in the future if I want advice or help with something which is also very useful and I’m sure I will require their help in the future.

This allowed me to really think about what I want to do in the future and which side of medicine I want to go into. I have been doing further research into different sides of medicine in order to aid me in my choices for university courses.

Hopefully another experience like this will arise again for me to use do you it having such an impact on the way I look at universities in the future.