Hi guys, so today I finally finished my MOOC about ADHD and the struggles of the sufferers and the people around them. I learnt about comping mechanisms including rewards and medications such as adderall, home living and creating house rules and schedules, how teachers can cope with students with ADHD such as more frequent rewards and checkups and more.

I also learnt about the symptoms and diagnosis of ADHD and how it is not a definitive test due to relying on feedback from people other than the patient who experience their behaviour on a daily basis . There are three types of ADHD which I did not know before: type 1 which is inattentive, type 2 which is hyperactive and type 3 which is a combination of the both (and also the most common). Generally ADHD is overdiagnosed in boys and under diagnosed in girls.

I found the course really useful and informative as it taught me not only the struggles of the child with ADHD and the different types and symptoms, but also how it affects others which isn’t focused on as much as it should be.

I really enjoyed my time spent learning about this and I am excited to try out more! If you also want to try some MOOC’s this one is from coursera which has a lot of different courses to choose from.

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