Hi guys, as I mentioned in my previous post I’ll be talking about my work experience. As you would all probably assume mine has been cancelled. Finding work experience in medicine is extremely difficult especially if you are not over 18 and don’t have friends/family who are already in medicine (like myself). Before I start the best advice I could give is to ask around, call and email hospitals and explain why you would want work experience there and if it is possible to. Some friends may have connections that could help you so speak to them and see if they can help. Nursing homes and pharmacies are really good for work experience as you get to meet people that require help and it allows an insight into the life of medicine. I asked a lot of these and although some may say no, they may also direct you to places that can help you find the right work experience for you.

When I first began looking for work experience quite a few months ago where I managed to get a placement with a Paediatric surgeon in London which was really exciting as I would be able to see some live surgeries and spend a week helping around the hospital . A few weeks later there were some troubles due to me being under 18 so the Doctor was trying to find a way to allow me to hell there or to move my work experience to a date after I turn 18.

After this I had to look for other work experience and I managed to get a placement at a hospital near me in the blood cancer unit which was interesting as I had been learning about some of this in my biology class at school so it felt like it would help with my studies as well as to allow me to see different sides of medicine. This was planned to take place but now cannot due to coronavirus which is a shame however I am hoping to reorganise for a later date.

During this time I had also applied to a work experience week at a medical school where they are able to do placements for students to see hospitals in surgery and medical wards which really excited me. I found out just a week ago that I had managed to impress them enough to gain a place. This however has also been cancelled due to coronavirus which I am upset about however I am also hoping to rearrange this week to to experience life in the hospital. Very kindly the company are still doing a virtual week of meetings for the 25 successful applicants (including myself) to talk about medicine which I am looking forward to.

I am hoping that my work experience can still take place as i was looking greatly forward to them but for the meantime i’ll just have to wait as I know that the safety of the public is a much greater concern right now.

I hope you’re all safe and well and if you want to talk to me about how you’ve dealt with work experience feel free to message me! 🙂



Hi guys, it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here as i’ve been focused on other things. It’s been hard to keep up with everything during these times as i’ve been trying to live my life as close to normal as possible. I’m doing my school work at home which is different but it’s could be worse. My teachers are all very supportive which I’m very glad about however there is quite a large work load that i’ll have to get used to.

A lot of things have gone off plan from driving lessons and hobbies to EPQ and work experience (which i’ll talk more about in another post). I’m just wondering how everyone is coping and hopefully you’re all safe and healthy and I wish you all the best.

How have you all been spending time in quarantine? I’ve started reading more which is good and I even have some books from my school library from before I left that I was going to use for my EPQ but that’s been cancelled so for now they’re wider reading for me.

Hopefully we’ll be back at school soon and exams and courses will change fairly for us.